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London Fashion Week S/S 2013 Exhibition Review – part 1

Jenny Robins made her way round the LFW Exhibitions with sketchbook in hand, and free coffee in other hand.

Written by Jenny Robins

jenny robins - amelias magazine - lfwss13 -  sketch blog - buba london -sophia webster
Shoe by Sophia Webster

Illustrations by Jenny Robins

I don’t think I managed to dress as fashion as the last time I did a Fashion Week Exhibition sketch blog, (a/w 2011) some people were def. judging me behind their faces. It did improve somewhat after I took my hair down. Obvs the achieve just got out of bed look by just getting out bed gambit did not go well.

jenny robins - amelias magazine - lfwss13 - sketch blog - lulu liu
Some models from the Lulu Liu show, just chilling in Somerset House Courtyard, drinking free Macchiato.

Anyways. So the first thing to attract my attention, were Linda Farrow’s sunglasses. Now these were very very cool, there were plastic guns, and horses I think, and things I forget because I was not allowed to photograph them because these were SECRET SUNGLASSES. They aren’t officially released till October/November, which somewhat begs the question why were they on show? Also, they may stop my camera but they cannot stop me sketching, haha, so here is an illicit sunglasses sketch. I wish I had drawn the horses ones, then I could be sure I haven’t made them up.

jenny robins - amelias magazine - lfwss13 -  sketch blog - linda farrow

I also enjoyed Erickson Beamon’s stunning maximalist jewellery, lots of sparkles and roses, best things to include in a necklace if you ask me.
I then fell for Buba London’s collection of bags and accessories, mostly the bags. I was told these are inspired by Techno music and Brazilian carnivals, but to me they looked more like neon art deco Egyptian.

jenny robins - amelias magazine - lfwss13 -  sketch blog - buba london - renaissance life

I managed to keep a straight face while being told about the meaning behind the Renaissance Life collection of ‘Swedish meaningful jewellery’. Each piece is named after a year in history, for example the year 525 is an non-functional clock design, because this was the year man invented time. Before this, of course, we had no need of time, so no need of clocks.

If you wear the 2012 wing earrings (they look pretty much like any other angel wing earrings out there) then you will receive the bonus of prophetic dreams.

If you are troubled by non-itchy feet and small mindedness, you need only put on the horse shaped 1970 and your mind will open, you will be filled with the desire to explore the world. Their signature piece heart locket is actually very nice, according to the literature a symbol of romance, who knew?

Renaissance life

I stopped to sketch this dress from the celebration of Minnie Mouse Inspired collection in the hallway, on the dress a scene in which Minnie sews up a friend’s dress is reproduced – how very fitting.

jenny robins - amelias magazine - lfwss13 -  sketch blog - minnie

After scribbling Kyle Hopkins’, silly solid gold ringpull rings and biro lid earrings (I cannot decide if I think this is more or less silly than jewellery actually made out of these things), and looking closely at those Sister by Sibling pastoral prints (they seem to depict the murder of a phonebox by rioting faeries), I fell head over (substantial) heels for the colourful shoes of Sophie Webster . Not the character from Coronation Street. I assume.

jenny robins - amelias magazine - lfwss13 -  sketch blog -kyle hopkins - sister by sibling - sophie webster
Kyle Hopkins, Sister by Sibling, Sophie Webster

Now, these are some exciting shoes. And yes, I am most easily excited by bright colours. This is her debut collection after working for 2 years with Nicholas Kirkwood who snapped her up whilst on MA at the RCA. The collection ranges from Aztec patterns to Hmong Chinese to Palm Beach flamingos and is nothing if not cheery. I also enjoy the fact that her literature includes a dot-to-dot drawing.

Sophia Webster Promo

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