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Amica Lane

Amica Lane


Amica Lane went through many career transformations before arriving at Amelia's, most notably an unfortunate stint in finance that lead to a… read more

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Art is Proof Presents: All My Best Friends Are…

Superette's brand new gallery is home to a feast of illustration, zines and goodies over the next week...

Written by Amica Lane

All images courtesy of ‘Art is Proof’ My sense of direction is legendary. Legendary for being almost impressively abysmal. So when I go to Superette’s ‘All my best friend are’ […]

Spotlight: Camila Soares

From Brazil to you, a showcase of one of the best new illustrators. Ya heard it first here.

Written by Amica Lane

All images courtesy of Camila Soares There are a lot of amazing artists coming out of Brazil at the moment, which can be attested to by our previous interview with […]

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