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Ken dumps Barbie: Greenpeace’s Indonesia Deforestation Campaign

A new Greenpeace campaign highlights the dirty practices of toy companies such as Mattel, who are making boxes to house plastic toys out of pulp that is destroying the Indonesian Rainforest.

Written by Zofia Walczak

Barbie and Ken by Claire Byrne Ken dumped Barbie. Over trees and endangered tigers. Seriously. You probably already know this, since the Greenpeace campaign that first revealed this earth-shattering piece […]


Pedal Powered Generators courtesy of Magnificent Revolution – Review

With their pedal-powered cinemas, sound systems, gigs and even food blenders, Magnificent Revolution's next bike generator workshop could well be a date to keep free in your 2010 diary...

Written by Liam Devany

Bike-powered blender.  All images: Magnificent Revolution, edited by Zofia Walczak Magnificent Revolution is an not-for-profit London-based education collective who put together regular workshops on energy use and generation.   One of […]

espalier tree illo thumb

Community Orchards

Thought gardening was only for retired people with their own houses and a lot of time on their hands? Think again. Zofia discovers Community Orchards...

Written by Zofia Walczak

Illustration by Vanessa Morris Planting trees is EXHILERATING! So so underrated. Last Saturday I was gardening for the first time in my life at the Community Orchards project, organised by […]


BTCV Green Gyms

Written by Zofia Walczak

My muscles are aching as I type, my cheeks are glowing more than ever and I have a satisfied grin on my face…why?  I’ve spent half the day clearing woodland and sawing […]

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