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An Interview with Illustrator Tom Hughes

Dark and comic Illustrator Tom Hughes draws the world in all of its glorious, ugly wonder

Written by Jessica Cook

Tom Hughes

Tom Hughes, aka Hyoos, is an Illustrator and Designer whose favourite word is ‘blimp’. Studying Animation at Falmouth, he’s currently working on some great projects, including cover art for Music Producer KickRaux and Singer-Songwriter Elly Jupp. Having trademarked his alter ego Hyoos, he’s hoping to spend the next few years building up the brand. Tom has plans to start collecting watches and a love of outer space and Wales, he’s also about to take the first steps towards forging a career in illustration. With all things comic and creepy as part of his signature style, you can’t but help be drawn (geddit?!) into his scary and intriguing world.

Tom Hughes

Whether it’s a panda wearing a giraffe Kigu-style onesie (with a sprinkling of superhero), a dinosaur indiscreetly parping, or a grimacing planet earth, his drawings are always raw, grumpy and, most importantly, engrossing. I spoke to Tom about the first time he picked up a pencil (a Tuesday) and his plans for post-university life.

Tom Hughes

Can you tell me a little about yourself?
I am an aspiring Illustrator and Designer from Falmouth, Cornwall.

How would you describe your illustration style?
Quite creepy and realistic but with a touch of humour added in some places. I love a bit of wordplay.

Tom Hughes

What are your influences?
Anything different and unusual really, at the moment I love looking and finding animals that people forget exist and drawing them

What’s your dream career?
To be a full time Illustrator, maybe selling my designs on T-shirts…

Tom Hughes

How do you make your images?
I usually draw them freehand on paper with my trusty pencil and then scan them/take a photo of them to then put them on the computer to make them digital and add colour.

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt from uni?
It’s all over WAY to quickly. I did get some experience on freelancing which will hopefully help me in the future.

Tom Hughes

What do you have lined up for the future?
I am working on making my name HYOOS known around, and getting it an ‘internet presence’. Fingers crossed I get a lucky break someday.

What kind of projects have you contributed to in the past?
I have contributed in many different random projects, too many to mention. My favourites are ones where I get the creative juices flowing and design fun and quirky things!

Tom Hughes

What would win in a fight: a pencil or a computer mouse?
Pencil any day!! The mouse is a boring piece of technology that would probably just flip over and struggle to find its feet again..

Do you remember the first time you got your hands on a pencil?
I do, I think it was a Tuesday. I haven’t looked back since.

Tom Hughes

Favourite Illustrator?
Mr Keaton Henson.

Fill in the blank. You find illustration____________

Tom Hughes

You can see more of Tom’s work on his portfolio site


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