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Art After Dark 10×10 Summer Project

Louise T. Blouin Institute 3 Olaf Street London W11 4BE, July 17, 2008

Written by Michelle Heimerman

Hiding in a quiet neighborhood in London’s west end is the Louise T Blouin Institute. As a part of its first Art After Dark 10×10 summer project, the Institute houses different aspects of sound, light and video installations every Thursday through September 11.


This past week I went to check out the organized chaos by, CutUP, a group of anonymous artists based in East London. Upon entering the venue I was impressed by the amazing white space and presentation of the event, welcomed by lit candles and friendly greeters. Moving on to the main room, I was engulfed by a 5,000 square foot space containing key objects of both the digital and analogue world.


The artists successfully portrayed the feeling of chaos, as the humming sound of electronics filled the air with the combination of lights and blinking objects. The silhouettes of spectators circled around the various sections, as the dim lighting brought full attention to the illumination of the screens.


The displays were organized in a manner that was quite visually appealing. I especially enjoyed the repetitiveness of such objects as digital clocks or televisions. Because it was out of its normal element, it brought about a different meaning and appreciation.


Other interesting pieces included a reordered billboard animation.


With eight more weeks of art to go, be sure to check out the schedule, and head down to the Louise T Blouin Institute to enjoy Art After Dark.

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