Calling all illustrators, budding illustrators, or just people who like drawing, and wearing clothes …

Bearded Magazine

Written by Luisa Gerstein

If you’d like to have something of yours across the chests of music aficionados throughout the country, you might like to apply for this. 100% music, 100% recycled paper (well done), Bearded Magazine is preparing for the re-launch of the printed magazine on January 29th, and they’re throwing in a t-shirt as well.

When it came to deciding what should go on the front of said t-shirt, they mumbled gibberish into their beards and drew blanks, and so they’ve put the task out to you the reader to help them out. In fact, they might be so filled with indecision that there could be four winners, so better chances for you! Have a look at the criteria and send in a design soon, you have until the 15th of December.


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