Amelia’s Magazine | Drawlloween Artist Discovery: Mr. Walters of Nerfect Novelties

Well, Drawlloween 2016 has come to a close. Here is my “Trick ‘r Treat” piece.

It’s All Hallows’ Day and possibly my last Drawlloween discovery is the art of Mr. Walters of Nerfect Novelties, based out of Illinois in the USA. I can’t find out much about him, and the stuff he sells on Etsy seems quite different in flavour, but I just adore his painterly narrative pictures for Halloween. I think perhaps the stuff he writes to accompany his images describes his personality somewhat, and I love the way he presents them on a sparkly background. Oh, and all his artworks are for sale at just $40 each – contact him via social media to find out how you can buy one. Wonderful!

Follow Mr. Walters on instagram, Facebook and twitter.

According to the Drawlloween 2016 calendar, today was “Call of C’Thursday.” That of course, is a reference to the ancient one, Cthulhu. Happy C’Thursday, Cthulhu!

Today’s Mab’s Drawlloween Club assignment was “Cult Costume.” Luckily I’ve been designing the vestments for my new UFO space-love secret society.

What ho ol’ specter! It’s my “ghosts” piece for Mab’s Drawlloween Club.

‘Twas “Skulls & Skeletons” for Drawlloween 2016, so this appeared. I’ve found that I can’t play loosey-goosey with the singularity or plurality of an assignment title, thus the numerous skulls and skeletons.

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