Amelia’s Magazine | Drawlloween Artist Discovery: Sonia Lazo

Phantom Friday

Sonia Lazo hails from El Salvador and is the latest artist I have discovered via the Drawlloween hashtag on instagram. From an online interview with Adobe I have learned that she dreamed of becoming a marine biologist before deciding to pursue illustration, incorporating her love of nature and its relationship with the spirit world. She loves to showcase her process on instagram and Facebook and often incorporates animation into her colourful art.

Superstition Sunday

Witchcraft Wednesday

Slimy Swamps, Foggy Bogs

Baturday Dance Off

Sonia Lazo creates brilliant characters such as her mournful cat, sad because no one will take him in because he is bad luck on Superstition Sunday, or her bats competing in a dance off. Enjoy!

You can buy her art on Etsy here and follow her on Facebook at Sonia Lazo, where she posts wonderful videos of how she creates her work. Follow her on twitter here and instagram here. Read a fantastic interview here.

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