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Katherine Eves has Been Thinking Of You – Sewing Circle

Artist Katherine Eves has been working on a participation project centered around sewing. Here she tells you lucky folks about how to take part!

Written by Katherine Eves

SewingAll photographs and images Courtesy of Katherine Eves

The sewing circle will take place on the 13th January 2010.
Some sewing must take place between the hours of 12 noon and 12 midnight.
However, healing this does not mean you must spend 12 hours sewing! No, doctor no, viagra order no it just means you must do a bit of sewing during that time for your piece to be counted as being part of the Sewing Circle. You can start early (in fact I recommend this) so that you’ll have enough time to enjoy the process. Frantic sewing is not fun – it’s painful for your fingers.

sewingPLACE – determined by you
So far there are participants in Bournemouth, Bristol, Brighton, London in England and Berlin and Oslo off the island. You can track the progress of the Sewing Circle on the blog. And soon there will be a facebook page for our event.
Nearer to the event you may choose to seek out other sewing members in your area and meet. Pubs, cafes, the sofa or local transport are all interesting places to go. Although you should expect some interest from the locals so take some spare kit to entice others into participation.
PLEASE could you make a note of where you are at the time of your sewing as your location will be important for later!

Your piece must be on fabric.
I’d prefer 20 cm by 20 cm. There are four reasons for this;
1/ It can be much quicker working on a small space
(note: you don’t have to fill up the entire space, its yours to play with)
2/ It is interesting to see what everyone does with the same space
3/ This size fits into a A4 scanner
4/ A uniform size makes exhibiting it all a bit easier

OH, what to sew?
This is both difficult and very easy. What you sew is up to you. I suggested something to do with your environment/thoughts/events as these themes reflect the origins of “I’ve been thinking of you”. But, really as long as the image/text reflects you it fits the brief.
Sew to your ability and do not worry about being technically perfect.

BE CREATIVE. Draw with the thread. You could use other things, such as crayon, pencils, ink or paint to enhance your sewing.
(There must be sewing)
The important bits are the time and size but the rest is up to you. Have a look at the blog
- there are extra bits up there and things that people have sent me
Well, good luck and I hope you have time to put something together

Katherine Eves


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2 Responses to “Katherine Eves has Been Thinking Of You – Sewing Circle”

  1. Jane Walker says:

    I would love to join this but only just heard about it… anything happening in Kent? – I am in Canterbury – can I do it on my ow??

  2. Amelia says:

    Hello Jane, Of course you may join! As far as we know here at Amelia, this project can be joined from anywhere! Oh, and you certainly can do it on your own. Why not contact Katherine Eves at for more information?
    Hope you enjoy the circle!

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