Amelia’s Magazine | Mothering Sunday 2012: an illustrated ode to Mothers everywhere

Mothering Sunday by Libby Burns
Mothering Sunday by Libby Burns.
She helps me grow!

As Mothering Sunday (or Mother’s Day, as it has been rebranded in recent times) approaches this year, I felt compelled to put together a special blog, made possible by an open brief to my contributing illustrators which asked them to draw what came to mind and accompany it with a short paragraph about why their mother is so special.

As many of my readers are probably aware I am about to become a mother myself for the first time, and in the run up my own mother (and granny-to-be) has been incredibly helpful, loving and patient with me. She has offered me so much invaluable support that I really can’t imagine what it would have been like without her to lean on and it makes me realise just how much this child will rely on me, most likely for the rest of their life, just as I still rely on my mum. Here’s to mums everywhere x

A Mothers Love by Rebecca Higgins
A Mothers Love by Rebecca Higgins.
My mom is so special to me as she will instantly know how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking without even asking me, she’s always there to listen, to talk to, and will never judge what I may have done, she’s always the hand that appears in photographs to make sure I’m holding the birthday cake properly, or if I was steady on my little legs. My mom never wants for anything as long as her children are safe and well. And that’s the most priceless thing in the world.

Me and my mum by Gareth A Hopkins
Me and my mum by Gareth A Hopkins.
My Mum’s nickname with her aerobics friends is ‘Hardcore Helen‘, because she pushes herself harder and further than anyone else. She was quite blasé about my son being born, and was then surprised by how much she fell in love when she first saw him. She scoffed when I suggested she might read ‘Watchmen’, because comics aren’t literary enough for her, but she quite happily tells everyone she’s on Team Jacob. She’s second-guessed nearly every secret I’ve ever had. When she makes macaroni cheese she puts a layer of broken crisps on the top. And those are just a few of the ways in which my Mum’s great.

Mothering Sunday by Tessa McSorley
Mothering Sunday by Tessa McSorley.
My mom is my last call of the day before I go to bed, and she is my first call in the morning when I wake up. Not only is she my mother, but she is also my best friend, my therapist, my business adviser, my mentor, my inspiration, and my biggest fan. To say that I need her in my life would simply be an understatement. She is my backbone. She is vital. She is unconditional love personified.

My Mum for Mother's Day by Sam Parr
My Mum for Mother’s Day by Sam Parr.
Meet my mum Heather. She is 73 next birthday, and believe it or not, I haven’t actually made her look (much) younger here! My mum is not only young looking and a true beauty, she is young at heart, and full of life and energy, always eager to see and experiences new things. I drew this from a photo of mum at the Uffizi in Florence where she, I and my sister went a couple of years ago. Most years all 3 of us go on a “girly” city break. Often me and my sister can’t keep up with mum! Apart from being great company, mum has been a fantastic friend and great support to me through the years in good times and bad. Don’t know what I would have done without her during some tough times. I am so lucky to have a mum like her and I love her very much. Happy Mother’s Day Mum! xxx

Mothering Sunday by Christine Charnock.
My Mum is such a fantastic and special person. She is always supportive, caring and kind every single day. Whenever things get tough, I know that my Mum will be there to listen, to help and to give loving advice. She has always encouraged me to work hard, to be creative, and to not worry so much and be happy. I appreciate all the lovely things that my Mum has done for me, and I hope that on Mother’s Day and every day, that I can show her how much she means to me.

Mothering Sunday by Soph Backhouse
Mothering Sunday Wildflowers by Sophie Backhouse.
An illustration to remember my mum Mo. She was full of creativity & loved wildflowers.

I know I’m pregnant and therefore hyper emotional, but these dedications are so lovely and personal that they bring a big lump to my throat and kind of make me want to cry. I hope they will inspire you will do something special for your mother this weekend, even if it is just to tell her how much you love her in whatever way suits you.

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