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Pet Portraits: Your Furry Friends Illustrated for Christmas

Why not commission a unique bespoke portrait of a loved one's favourite pet as the perfect one-of-a-kind Christmas gift? These illustrators would be happy to help out.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Daria H cat
Pet Portrait by Daria Hlazatova.

I think it’s fair to say that pet portraits have a slightly naff reputation. A quick google reveals the existence of reams of *traditional* pet portraitists who offer tacky artwork fit only for those with very little concept of style. And yet I know full well that there are lots of people out there who have both pets and good taste. Who then to cater for them? A portrait of a much loved pet is the perfect gift – especially for those who dote on their animals.

Back when I had time to create my own handmade artwork I liked to paint our cats Orlando and Grace. Nowadays I work with a constantly shifting team of very talented illustrators, many of whom are deeply attached to their own pets and much enamoured with animals as subjects. Amongst these I felt certain to find pet portraitists who could create personalised paintings with a bit of spirit – for pet portraits can also be fun, as epitomised by Daria’s offering. What follows is the pick of my discoveries: all of whom offer a unique piece of art for an incredibly good price. There’s still time to commission one of these illustrators for a one-of-a-kind Christmas present, and not only will you receive the perfect gift for a pet lover, but you will also be supporting the artistic community. Rather that than buy mass produced tat on the high street? No?

Gemma Randall toby milly
Toby and Milly by Gemma Randall.

Gemma Randall
Gemma was hot off the mark with her Christmas offering: she accepts commissions for intricate artworks of your best friend, all framed and wrapped for a total of £96, and she even offers two different styles – Contemporary and Classic. Find out more information here.

Molly & Fred Karina Yarv
Molly & Fred by Karina Yarv.

Karina Yarv
Saint Petersburg based Amelia’s Magazine contributor Karina Yarv offers both people and pet portraits in her inimitable bold style. She works fast and will produce either a computer created image or one made in black ink and a few colours. Prices start from £43 – find out more information here.

Mavis the Cat Kayleigh Bluck
Mavis the Cat by Kayleigh Bluck.

Kayleigh Bluck
Kayleigh Bluck offers a personalised gift via Etsy. She works predominantly in watercolour and coloured pencil and needs only three days to complete her gorgeous artworks, which will be done from an emailed photograph straight onto watercolour paper. A bargain at just £25. More info about creating this particular portrait here!

Piers and Fulton by Daria H
Piers and Fulton by Daria Hlazatova.

Daria Hlazatova
Daria is another of our far flung illustrators – this time hailing from the Ukraine. She creates lovely bright scenes and all she needs are: a photo, a name and a little bit of information about your furry friend. The price is £50, and you would need to contact her by email to discuss further details.

Piers+Fulton by Holly Exley
My parents’ new rescue cats frolic in the snow. Piers+Fulton by Holly Exley.

Holly Exley
Holly has created a Facebook event for her special Christmas pet portrait offer. This has already prompted a huge response, so I’d advise you to get in there quick – she’s creating beautiful watercolour A4 paintings for just £15, which is ridiculously cheap.

stephanie thieullent tabitha
Tabitha by Stephanie Thieullent.

Stephanie Thieullent
Stephanie is predominantly a digital designer who offers people portraits as well as pet portraits, but she can also work in ink to order. A simple postcard starts at just £15, and prices go up to £130 for an A2 portrait, so there’s a wide variety to choose from. Just click here.

It does rather seem that most of my friends and families are cat lovers… but these illustrators would love to tackle anything from cats and dogs…. to rabbits and hamsters. Just wonderful, I am sure you will agree. Why not get in touch with your favourite illustrator and commission them now before they get too busy to accept any more?


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2 Responses to “Pet Portraits: Your Furry Friends Illustrated for Christmas”

  1. Gemma says:

    Thanks Amelia! Thanks to you and your lovely blogging I’ve already had one new order in – I LOVE DRAWING PUGS! =}

  2. Amelia says:

    Yay! here’s to hoping that everyone featured gets lots of lovely orders. It’s a tough job but someone needs to do it and you’re all ace. Let me know how it goes ladies xxx

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