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Pin Rituals at Prick Your Finger

Kirsty Hall, Jan 22nd - Feb 28th

Written by Luisa Gerstein

kirsty Hall Blog

When the Lockerbie disaster happened, the airplane was carrying a consignment of one million needles in its hold. When the rescue teams arrived there were needles scattered all over the crash site. As the sun came up on the carriage, the needles glistened, dangerously beautiful amidst the wreckage.

Know any pin related stories?

Kirsty Hall does. She knows lots of them, and is collating a pin story anthology as part of her Pin Ritual Series, which last week took her to our favourite haberdashery/gallery, Prick Your Finger. I have many a dormant pin lying in the crevices of my bedroom floor, my toes always find them before my eyes do, but they are yet to yield any wisdom to me.

Kirsty Hall
has a tendency to work in cycles, often producing series’ of work that spans over several years. The Pin Ritual Series is one such piece. It all started in 2001 when she had the idea of making a piece of translucent cloth heavy with pins – she liked the idea of adding weight to something that might not be strong enough to hold it. But as the work progressed, it developed into a performance piece as she discovered that the simple act of pinning was conducive to a safe environment for people to talk; something about the fact that I work with my hands in such a familiar and soothing way, she says, encourages the sharing of tales, secrets, thoughts and memories.


And so we have pin stories, and a three day project at Prick Your Finger where Kirsty settled herself to make/perform the piece you see above. Her work will be on display until the 28th of February, any excuse to go and poke your fingers in amongst the threads and woven wonders!

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    Thanks for the article, Luisa.

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