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Royal College of Art MA Degree Show 2012 Review: Textiles

Superhero/football inspired pop art knitwear by Carlo Volpi, shoes by Tariq Mahmoud and upcycled upholstery by Tania Grace Knuckey...

Written by Maria Papadimitriou

RCA show 2012 Carlo Volpi 1

RCA show 2012 Carlo Volpi 2

Moving on from Goldsmithing, Silversmithing, Metalwork & Jewellery into the Textiles space Carlo Volpi’s colourful work not only appealed to me visually, but also plays around interesting themes. He is a male who knits so in some of the designs he draws elements from stereotypically male domains, such as football or boxing, and reinterprets them in a comical, slightly camp way, further mixing in Pop Art, Comics and Superhero inspirations – what’s not to love.

RCA show Lily Kamper

Lily Kamper’s perspex pendants were beautifully bold and bright too.

RCA show 2012 Lily Kamper and tariq.m

Tariq Mahmoud’s footwear from the Fashion Menswear Programme featured perspex heels also by Lily Kamper.

RCA show 2012 Emma Cowie

It would have been lovely to see on the catwalk the oversized, intricately surfaced designs by Emma Cowie.

RCA show 2012 Sophie Waterfield

The same goes for Sophie Waterfield’s collection, which has a great combination of pastel colours and eye catching embellishments, like the fringing seen here.

RCA show 2012 'Envoyé de Mon Lapin Jaune' by Tania Grace Knuckey

From the work in the Textiles department which related to interior design, my first uber favorite was Tania Grace Knuckey. These theatrical chairs have been embellished with fabrics in various ways to create fun seating. To anyone like me who likes up-cycling I imagine this is really quite inspirational.

RCA show 2012 'Untitled' by Alexandra Palmowski

My second favorite was almost the extreme opposite. Also chairs by Alexandra Palmowski but this time orderly decorated with neoprene and printed canvas.

Images courtesy of the students and additional photography taken at the show by Maria Papadimitriou. Read Amelia’s review of the 2011 Textile graduates here for mor inspiration. Next: best of Ceramics & Glass.


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