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Sketchbook Pop up shop and talk with Amelia Gregory

The Sketchbook Magazine pop up shop has been running in Carnaby Street for over a month. Last week our very own Amelia gave a talk to a crowded room, including Nicola Machetti, who writes here...

Written by Nicola Machetti

Sketchbook Pop-Up shop
Sketchbook Magazine team member Cleide Carina inspects the wall of signatures from attendees.

Spring is here and the Sketchbook pop up shop has been flourishing at the heart of Carnaby Street for over a month. Sketchbook Magazine is a printed fashion magazine, treatment price a blog and a website that specialises in the confluence of illustration and fashion. When you turn into Newburgh Street just off Carnaby Street, this you immediately notice the bright tourquoise facade of this pop up shop, which, if you are passionate about fashion and art, should be visited at least once. Whilst there are many beautiful handmade and one-off objects to purchase in the pop up shop, the Sketchbook project is more about connecting people, as a creative hub should.

Lots of good stuff to peruse and perhaps buy. Photography by Nicola Machetti.

Sketchbook Pop-Up shop
Meet the team!

Sketchbook Pop-Up shop Wafa Alobaidat
Sketchbook editor and creator Wafa Alobaidat.

The shop has two floors which have been lovingly decorated with illustrations flowing all over the walls and in the basement the work of Annie Driscoll deserves a particular mention. Using a mixture of cutouts and painted techniques she has made what serves as the lecture room a beguiling space, and in a nook at the back illustrator Martin Wollerstam had created a wonderful mural in simple black pen. Amongst the items that can be bought lurks a collection of t-shirts decorated by illustrator Lucia Emanuela Curzi, who works under the brand name LU.

Sketchbook Pop-Up shop
The walls are alive with…. brightly coloured illustrations.

Sketchbook Pop-Up shop
Illustrations by Martin Wollerstam.

The little nook decorated by Martin Wollerstam. Photography by Nicola Machetti.

Sketchbook Pop-Up shop
More Martin Wollerstam.

Sketchbook Pop-Up shop- Annie Driscoll
Part of the artwork by Annie Driscoll.

Sketchbook Pop-Up shop- Annie Driscoll

T-shirts illustrated by Lucia Emanuela.

Over the month that the Sketchbook space has been open the hard-working crew have run an impressive series of events: lectures, workshops, exhibitions and talks – all hosted at number 10, Newburgh Street. Given the emphasis on fashion and illustration it is perhaps not surprising that Amelia Gregory was amongst those invited to give a lecture at the pop up shop. I went along on Thursday the 15th April at 1pm to hear her talking about “Getting Started” – a whistlestop tour through the experience of creating and developing Amelia’s Magazine.

Sketchbook magazine team
The team busy on their laptops in the upstairs space.

Sketchbook Pop-Up shop- Rachel Menashy
Sketchbook co-ordinator Rachel Menashy gets to grips with the video camera.

She told us how Amelia’s Magazine started out as a print magazine of 1000 copies in 2004, and ran for 10 issues twice a year until the last issue in 2008. Amelia spoke about how she started her project, what was easy and what was not, the problems she found on the way and even more the passion you need to not only start but also to sustain such a project, before talking us through the reasons for creating the blog as well. She spoke about her influences and the multicultural inspirations that lay behind each published issue. The talk was intriguing and there was a feverish atmosphere in the packed basement room; at the end there was a chance to interact with Amelia, asking her questions to get tips and suggestions from her experience. She underlined the importance of the growing demand for fashion to be sustainable, and how creativity has to be supported and lead by a larger attention to the environment, encouraging everyone to follow this new greener way of making fashion.

The Sketchbook pop up shop has just been given the go ahead to continue for another month so it will now be ending sometime in May. Make sure you check out their website to keep abreast of their ever-changing schedule. You can read their review of Amelia’s talk here.

Sketchbook Pop-Up shop
The youngest attendee!


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