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SpeedArting: the art of seduction

It’s a little like the Affordable Art Fair’s baby sister - we review the latest way to get your hands on some contemporary art that won’t break the bank.

Written by Gemma Milly

Gemma Milly Speedarting

SpeedArting by Gemma Milly.

So I’ve spent an hour getting ready. I’ve gone for a little black dress, bird necklace and black shu-boos, and am heading out to Stone Horse Paper Cow on Bishopsgate. As I draw nearer the anticipation rises and I can feel my heart beating faster. Why does this always happen when you’re about to meet some potential totty?

But this is no ordinary date, oh no, I’m about to arrive at an altogether more intriguing rendez-vous. Tonight, with my best-friend at my side, I am going SpeedArting. There is every possibility that I will still meet a dark and handsome stranger, the only difference is that he’ll be hanging on my wall rather than off my every word (as I’m sure they always do). And none of the ‘I’m not ready to have a relationship’ after a few dates to put up with. Hurrah!

Victoria Topping - Illustrator

‘Gesamtkunstwerk’ by Victoria Topping.

Brainchild of Jody Kingzett, Photographer who has snapped the likes of Dame Helen Mirren and Naomi Campbell, and who I met two years ago on a photoshoot in the freezing cold in Southwark, the concept is so simple that I’m surprised no-one has thought of it before. In a nutshell, it’s all about matchmaking you, the public ,with affordable art, in quirky locations – think Sketch Parlour not Slug and Lettuce (thank the lord!). So hats off to Jody for spotting a niche and hop, skip and jumping right into it.

Illustration by Darren Cranmer

Illustration by Darren Cranmer.

Amongst the artists that will be exhibiting and selling their wares this Wednesday are Neha Mojaria, who produces street-art style canvasses with a fashion twist, Illustrator Victoria Topping who creates surreal music-based illustrations, and Darren Cranmer who’s illustration style is sublimely delicate and atmospheric. Not to mention the man himself – Jody Kingzett.

Meha Mojaria - Artist

Painting by artist Meha Mojaria.

The next SpeedArting event is this Wednesday November 24th at Stone Horse Paper Cow, and promises to be a festive one. What better antidote to a tiring day in the office than to grab your friends and head out for a spot of high-brow Christmas shopping, with a free drink thrown in? So if you fancy being part of the newest big thing to hit the London art scene, make sure is firmly at the top of your bookmarks, and follow SpeedArting on Facebook or twitter. Who knows, you might bag yourself a nice little bit of eye candy.


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