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Spotlight: Matteo Patocchi

Photographer, Matteo Patocchi explores space with a series of beautiful photographs for Amelia's Magazine...

Written by Amica Lane

All photography by Matteo Patocchi

After studying Graphic Design in Switzerland, what is ed Matteo Patocchi relocated to London to graduate in photography. This collection, order entitled ‘Houston I Have a Dream’ is an exclusive for Amelia’s Magazine.

His dreamy style is reminiscent of Corinne Day (her bohemian phase, sickness not the heroin one) with the essence of Lance Acord’s cinematography thrown in the mix, and like any good creative, the strong elements of storytelling flow through his work. ‘Houston, We Have a Dream’ was Patocchi’s concept, centred around the idea of a young fan of the Astronaut, Neil Armstrong whose reality she visits in her dreams.

Matteo Patocchi: “These photographs depict a girl who’s transported from reality into a dream. She’s the girl next door, passionate about Neil Armstrong’s expeditions. One day she falls asleep, finding herself mesmerized and nostalgic; dreaming about some of her imaginary places. Eventually she wake up at home, but we are not sure if the dream has ended yet.”

Whilst retaining an aesthetic that would easily fit into a fashion editorial spread, there’s a low-fi creative spark to this series of photographs, especially considering they are taken in Patocchi’s apartment using mostly natural light to evoke a dreamlike reality, playing with texture and colour to create a simple but effective narrative structure. What I especially like about this collection is the juxtaposition of subjects. When I think about space travel and NASA, several things come into my head. Steel, phallic looking spacecrafts, chunky bubblesuits and inexplicably, Bruce Willis. Aside from clearly being a scientific luddite, my connatations with Astronautics are not feminine, soft and feminine, which is exactly what these photographs are.

Matteo Patocchi is currently working on a series of photographs and visual installations based on playgrounds captured at night, to reveal strange alternative landscapes. Hopefully we’ll be seeing a lot more of this photographer, but in the meantime, more images can be found on his website.


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One Response to “Spotlight: Matteo Patocchi”

  1. M Laiho says:

    The artwork certainly evokes a feminine, ‘soft and feminine’, quality and I agree that this contrasts to the masculine-orientated world of aeronautics. Is there also an abstract link to the American dream, which could explain the ‘new age woman’ being represented as the next space explorer? Or is it phallocentric idealism which she is fantasising about; perhaps Neil visiting her; or a rendezvous in space?

    For me, Patocchi’s work gives off the aura of natural cosmic elements and places a remarkable emphasis on the beauty of the female subject, as if he draws analogies to mythological heroines. But the realism is surreal; on planet earth and outer-space; his photos take you to ‘infinity and beyond.’

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