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The Best Designer Murals by Illustrators and Artists on Photowall

Discovering the best digitally printed murals by artists and designers on Photowall.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Julia Pott Photowall crush
Photowall by Julia Pott.

Once upon a time large scale photo walls were the province of bars, offices and other imposing spaces which could afford extravagant interior design. That has all changed with the advent of Photowall, which works with photographers, artists and designers from around the world to create bespoke wallpapers and canvas prints using cutting-edge digital print technologies. These artworks can be used to personalise homes as well as workplaces. I set out to discover the best that Photowall has to offer.

lost bird design space-age-buddy-blue
Space Age Buddy in blue by Lost Bird Design for Photowall.

Photowall sell photorealistic murals (a picture perfect scene of autumnal leaves), and reprints of classic artworks such as Klimt, but my favourite murals come from a range of contemporary designers.

Lost Bird Design photowall
Scandinavian designers are well represented with typically unusual designs. One recent addition to the Photowall staple is Lost Bird Design by Malin Stenströmer, who mixes Japanese patterns, modern and retro iconography. Birds are of course in abundant supply.

Anna Pernilla Photowall abcwall
Swedish designer Anna Pernilla has created this lovely alphabet wall featuring letters and animals, prefect for a child’s bedroom.

Anna Backlund photowall city-view
Anna Backlund goes for surreal depictions entwining urban images and nature. This mural creates a ‘city view’ with cardboard cutouts of mountains and smoke stacks.

Clara Terne for Nu Agency has made this colourful symmetrical pattern, reminiscent of bacteria and kaleidoscopes.

Rina Donnersmarck Nu Agency photowall
I also like Rina Donnersmarck, who was inspired by the mountains and forests of southern Germany to create this decorative image.

Julia Pott photowall brussels-1
British illustrator Julia Pott will be a familiar name to many, and alongside her instantly recognisable animal designs (see the top of this blog) there is this wonderful street scene from Brussels. And if none of the designers catch your eye there’s always the option to upload your very own images. For more information see

Wall mural by Emma Lofstrom for Nu Agency.

Brought to you in association with Photowall. Be assured I only write about things that I think my readers will be interested in x


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