Amelia’s Magazine | Tidy Kingston: Kingston University BA Illustration & Animation Graduate Show 2015

Lizzie Lomax vertical farming
A few weeks ago Snarf and I made it along to the Kingston BA Illustration & Animation graduate show, Tidy Kingston, a reference to the organising of a diverse range of work and personalities. Hosted at the Embassy Tea Gallery in Bermondsey, here is my selection of graduates to watch.

Lizzie lomax kingston uni
Firstly, a few close ups of the Bigger Picture by Lizzie Lomax, inspired by the concept of vertical farming (top).

Emma Erhling Kingston uni
We both loved this ice cream van model by Emma Ehrling and the animation, Mint, was great: featuring a cat that turns into ice cream and escapes through the cat flap!

Reece Wykes kingston uni
These cracking glaciers are by Reece Wykes, based on an expedition to the South Pole.

Summer Bee kingston uni
Summer Bee (Bi Cong) created these cute illustrations for a children’s book about a child searching for their father. Snarf enjoyed picking out the objects.

Chester Holme kingston uni
Chester Holme comic kingston
This modernist housing print is by Chester Holme, who also created intricate esoteric comic artwork.

Yuet Alice Lai kingston uni
This animation artwork is by Yuet Alice Lai, from a surreal story about what happens to little brothers if they eat watermelon seeds!

Twin Trash kingston uni
We really enjoyed BlueBarry – another surreal animation by Twin Trash (Tommy and Marcus Vad Flaatan) featuring an assortment of madcap birds wanting to eat to daring a couple of daring blueberries.

Anni Sayers kingston uni
Lastly, these pots with faces by Anni Sayers are inspired by the parliamentary cabinet, highlighting the elaborate nature of political proceedings.

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