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V&A Illustration Awards 2011 review-Hannah Simpson
Hannah Simpson with her award.

Last week I attended the annual V&A Illustration Awards ceremony for the first time on Monday 6th June. Judged by luminaries such as Rob Ryan and writers Bel Mooney and Francesca Gavin, remedy this award has a long and illustrious heritage.

Olivier Kugler won the main editorial award for his depiction of a truck driver’s journey across Iran, viagra buy but I was more interested in the work of some of the runners up.

V&A Illustration Awards 2011 review-Laura Carlin
Laura Carlin floral
Laura Carlin produced a beautiful re-imagining of The Iron Man by Ted Hughes to win Best Illustrated Book. She is an accomplished ceramic artist, thumb isn’t this bowl beautiful?

Best Book Cover was won by Lorenzo Petrantoni for his bold Boxer Beetle front cover, which employs a style that stems from a love of curious old world illustrations. He recombines found imagery to make collages, giving new life to forgotten art. He currently lives and works in Italy.

RCA illustration student Mike Redmond won the overall student prize for his intricate Awkward People in Funny Situations. Most of his studies begin in sketchbooks, where he notes down the thoughts, things and events which prompt him to explore relationships in his narrative illustrations.

V&A Illustration Awards 2011 review-Hannah Simpson portrait
But I was perhaps most interested of all in the work of the student prize runner up – that of Hannah Simpson, who is just finishing her second year on the Illustration course at Kingston University and has recently begun contributing some wonderful artwork to Amelia’s Magazine. Her Bacteria series was made using round zinc plates, reminiscent of Petri dishes. The microscopic shapes of the bacteria have been replaced by minute human bodies arranged in bacterial patterns to emphasise the hold that bacteria has over humankind. The prints were made in coloured ink to echo the way that bacteria are stained to become visible to the human eye.

Plague by Hannah Simpson
Plague by Hannah Simpson.

cholera by Hannah Simpson
Cholera by Hannah Simpson.

Anthrax by Hannah Simpson
Anthrax by Hannah Simpson.

The V&A Illustration Awards exhibition is on until 17th December, so next time you are lurking around the area why not duck in and take a look?

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