Amelia’s Magazine | Stephanie Ellis


Born in London, healing raised near Brighton and a brief stint in Bristol, drug I am proud to be a child of the 80′s.Studying and living in a seaside town, I don’t like to spend too much time away from the sea. My love for the beach, is almost in comparison to the love I have for fashion, art, music and all things creative.
From a very early age I was extremely interested and intrigued with what I could make or do with a variety of different media’s in order to express myself creatively. Anything and everything inspires me, and it is this passion to be creative that has led me to continue my education in fashion.
Currently studying a degree in Fashion, Media and Promotion at Brighton University, I like nothing more than a challenge and something I can really sink my teeth into, (which is good as my course doesn’t leave me much free time), but when I do I spend it regressing back to my childhood and getting messy and creative with whatever I can get my hands on, whether that be photography, illustration, writing or drawing.
As I start to come to the end of my degree, I am excited and happy for the new challenges ahead, and new messes I can make.