Amelia’s Magazine | Laura Nineham

Laura Nineham I graduated from a multi media journalism degree at Bournemouth last year, and I’ve been working like a crazy person ever since. I live in Portsmouth, which is basically a black hole for culture, and since there’s nothing to do, I work a lot. I work part-time as a business writer and I’m a freelance music journalist too. I write for Fashion.Music.Style, Gigwise and Mixmag, and I’ve also been published on Drowned in Sound and

My favourite song in the world is ‘The Sound of Silence’ by Simon and Garfunkel. The first single I ever bought was ‘Thong Song’ by Sisqo, on cassette. I used to think Ricky Martin was sexy. When I was 18 I paid a fortune and endured a two hour car journey with no second gear, to watch Oasis in Cardiff, where I’m pretty sure I got hit by a bottle of wee. My best music moment so far is blagging free tickets to Offset last year and talking my way backstage for Metronomy’s set – I was obsessed with them last year. That’s probably all that’s worth knowing about me.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Gareth David

Gareth David Ackland lives and writes in a vibrating triskadecahedron called London. When not writing, he makes paintings about guilt, colonialism, biodiversity loss, vanity, terrorism, evolution, consciousness and doom, which you can see on the website named below. He also eats fine cheese and entertains the severely autistic with a guitar and a kazoo.

See his art at

Amelia’s Magazine | Gareth David

Gareth David AcklandGareth David Ackland lives and writes in a vibrating triskadecahedron called London. When not writing, this he makes paintings about guilt, colonialism, biodiversity loss, vanity, terrorism, evolution, consciousness and doom, which you can see on the website named below. He also eats fine cheese and entertains the severely autistic with a guitar and a kazoo.

Amelia’s Magazine | Kerry Lemon

Sei whaleI am a freelance illustrator based in Surrey, case passionate about drawing EVERYTHING.

My clients include The Times, information pills Amelias Magazine, order The Green Parent, The National Trust, The RSPCA, The Environment Agency, Bracknell Council, Gardens Illustrated, Peut-etre Theatre Company, YCN, ActionAid, Sketchbook Magazine and Nature Magazine UK and Japan.

I am a big fan of intricate pen drawing, soft colours, pink wafer biscuits, and oceans of tea (white, no sugar) – these four things take up the majority of my time, and any free time is spent with my lovely boyfriend Steve and our two very naughty cats Champ and Chief.

In addition to my illustration work I exhibit in galleries, and deliver creative workshops and projects in schools, galleries and museums.


Amelia’s Magazine | Amica Lane

Amica Lane went through many career transformations before arriving at Amelia’s, this web most notably an unfortunate stint in finance that lead to a witch trial, symptoms running away to the Moulin Rouge for a short time and then after tearing her ACL whilst launching herself onto a beanbag at an unfortunate angle, decided she wanted to pursue writing full time. She has also worked with The Curzon, PYMCA and Oh Comely. At current her playwrighting debut ‘A Perfect Lie/fe’ is being optioned by theatre companies for production. She is mostly driven by revenge. On the patriarchal system and ex boyfriends everywhere. She also idolises Emmy The Great in ways that no mortal can understand.

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Amelia’s Magazine | David McNamara


I have spent the last 12 years of my life, ask with the exception of 4 years at university, price travelling Europe alongside some of the world’s best freestyle rollerbladers with the sole purpose of meeting new people, helping our sport progress and hurting ourselves.

In addition to writing for Amelia’s, I contribute writing to The List, The Skinny, Huck, Be-mag and Kingdom Magazine. I have also written a fictional novel and a handful of short stories.

Over the past six years I have developed an unhealthy obsession with t-shirts, plaid shirts and limited edition sneakers. You will find me making a nuisance of myself in skate parks, book shops, sweaty nightclubs, festivals and public spaces because that is what I think being young and capricious is all about.

Amelia’s Magazine | Ester Kneen

Ester Kneen

Ester Kneen is a Designer/Maker living in South East London.

Having recently graduated from the BA (hons) Design degree at Goldsmiths College, viagra 60mg she is currently working on the development and extension of her graduating project, Reclaiming Craft. The project was based around the relevance of craft in contemporary society. By making tools for ‘craft in transit’ Ester aimed to encourage creativity in every situation. What became clear was that the benefits of this expression of creativity were extensive. Her investigation into Craft’s associations with ‘homemaking’ and a recent ‘nesting’ trend (as a reaction to political, social and economic ‘unrest’) led to examination into the benefits of creative expression in times of turmoil. The project intended to demonstrate craft as an immersive and sensorial experience.

Ester’s keen interest in all things crafty means she can be found selling at many craft sales events such as ‘A Little Bazaar’ as well as on her online shop Reclaiming Craft.
The project has now developed into the designing, making and selling items to enable the crafter in everyone. These items include mini weaving loom jewellery and DIY crafty kits.

Check out Ester’s online presence:
Online Shop
Blogs here and here.

Amelia’s Magazine | Amelia Wells

Amelia WellsBorn on a pirate ship with a pen already twirling between her deft fingers, nurse Amelia gave her native Bristol an ‘ooh-arr’, pill and hot-footed it to Canterbury, where she spends her time immersed in cupcakes and craft shops. She also found time over the last four years to squeeze in studying: first a BA in Classics and Archaeological Studies, and then an MA in Creative Writing. She’s been writing stories since she can remember, loves presenting radio shows and publishes her own ‘zine, Throwaway Literature.
Amelia, or Miggy to her nearest and dearest, relaxes by practising her circus skills: juggling, poi, devilstick and Diablo – and the occasional fire performance – because she likes taking on a challenge. This September will see her sailing to distant shores once again, this time to the Sacred Valley in Peru, where she will be teaching children to juggle and exploring the mountains and forests of South America.

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Amelia’s Magazine | Contributors – Part 274

Alternative Fashion Week Day 5 2010

Silent City evokes the idea of major global cities remaining silent, treatment contributing little to effectively combating climate change. “

Silent City is “a reaction against shows such as the RA’s “Earth: Art of a Changing World” which have the tendency to “present the West as a vision of classless ecological justice”, whilst clearly in reality (as we saw in Copenhagen) prioritising the needs of the developed nations. As to be expected Copenhagen was relatively quiet on progressive debate and active politics and rather noisy on producing something vacuous, at the bottom of which, all the important (see ‘right’) Countries signed. Despite reservations from ‘developing’ countries on the bill, the ‘developed’ countries appeared to throw all manner of strops to get what they wanted.


“These hybrid creatures are constructed from insects taken from display cabinets. They act as reminder of the fragility of the natural world. Seemingly discovered from the world of the unknown, these imagined hybrids act as a canvas to subject our anxieties on to and allow the viewer to consider new forms of existence.”


Cara Nahaul

Silent City is an exhibition in four parts, the first, coming up in April focuses on “environmental balance”. Acting as a symposium, the show will “address the issue of climate change with particular focus on its impact on the Third World”.

The importance surrounding the discussion on the impact of Climate Change is a topic that has constantly featured within the pages of Amelia’s Magazine from Amelia’s involvement and writing of Climate Camp to the actions of artists, filmmakers and writers, to name but a few; Crude, The Age of Stupid, Our Daily Bread, We Feed the World, not forgetting Amelia’s Anthology. Silent City wants to continue the debate through an exhibition, film screening and publication.

What you need to know:

The Exhibition

Silent City wants to address “the global geopolitics of environmentalism. Typically, climate change events have failed to address these issues that concern both the global south and post industrial nations. In light of this, many people have become apathetic and disillusioned about the prospects for change.”

By producing a publication which features the work of both students and specialists, the curators hope the further the discusstion that climate change does not exist only within scientific debate, but that it is a pervasive aspect of all our lives.

Mauerpark Berlin – Ein Kurzfilm (Mauerpark Documentary Trailer) from sally mumby-croft on Vimeo.

If your tired of watching the debate on TV, reading about it in the newspapers or the apparent lack of action with regards to climate change, get involved! Think about what is possible – what did you want to see discussed at Copenhagen? What was missed off the agenda, what are the politicians and static art exhibitions missing?

What would have to happen to make nature only be able to survive in artificial spaces

Emily Whitebread

“Developed out of a series of conversations I was having with a physicist, Robert Plant. This particular question came to me when I was watching the 1972 science fiction film Silent Running. In the film Earth’s plant life has been destroyed and only a few specimens remain. These plants and animals are preserved in greenhouses in space. The space ship in which the entire film is staged really reminded me of the Eden Project in Cornwall. I began to think more abut the Eden Project and was curious to know how this artificial environment could become a reality, which I explore in my film – turning a situation of normality into a space for catastrophe.”

Deadline: 15th March 2010. Please send submissions and queries to Artists please send images of your work, a statement and what you would like to produce.
Writers please send examples of writing and what you intend to write for publication.

The Exhibition dates are 22nd -26th April 2010. Film Screening date TBC.

adrianfleet2.jpg Adrian Fleet

I was born in Bognor Regis in 1983, view but that hasn’t stood in my way of becoming East London’s 156th most well-known illustrator.

Since earning a BA (Hons) in Illustration at The University of Brighton, pills I have had my work featured in such venerable publications as The Guardian, click Plan B, The Illustrated Ape, Anorak, Creative Review, and Bad Idea, as well as exhibiting all over the shop – most recently in The Joyful Bewilderment at Rough Trade East.

Aside from illustration, I enjoy performing in Esiotrot – a London-based indie band with more members than you’ve had hot dinners – and watching American cop shows from the 1970s.”

Allan-Deas%20thumbnailjpg.jpg Allan Deas

Born in Dundee, Scotland 1977.

Allan showed a flare for all things creative, even as a kid.

With a passion for drawing and an overactive imagination he would spend hours designing & creating characters to live in his own fictional worlds.

After graduating in 1999 with degree in Illustration & printmaking, fate took Allan to London where he worked as a freelance graphic designer in the fashion industry specialising in apparel graphics – particularly T-shirt prints.

Having worked for many well known high street retailers and brands

such as GAP, Topman, Firetrap, Bench & Pepe Jeans – Allan is no stranger to the world of commercial design.

He has recently returned to his passion for illustration & is currently focusing on this side of his career, working on both commissions and personal projects.

With a slightly retro style, Allan’s work is mostly character based with a bold graphic look based on strong line drawing. His quirky illustrations often include an element of humour and fun.

Allan has recently contributed to several books such as GRAFUCK 2 & 3, Eye Candy for Strangers, The Big Book of Illustration Ideas 2 and Images 32. His work has also appeared in such group exhibitions as Power in Numbers and GRAFUCK at Gallery Nucleus in LA and Dazed Digital/Wrangler’s Wanted exhibition in Milan & Stockholm.

Allan currently lives and works in East London with his overactive imagination!

Amy%20Brown.jpg Amy Brown

Hello! My name is Amy Brown and I am an illustrator. In 2007 I graduated from Kingston University with a first in illustration and have since been doing what I love doing best –drawing lots and lots of things for lovely people. So far I’ve been fortunate enough to work for publishers such as JK Books, Penguin and Random House, and of course the amazing Amelia’s Magazine! My illustrations are mainly character based and are drawn using a combination of inks, felt-tips, pencils and paint. At the moment I’m really enjoying paint because I can give my characters proper globby little teeth like badly taxidermically prepared animals. As for myself I have a kitten called Millie-Rad and a boyfriend called Tim. I hope things will stay like that for a long time (If I keep Millie-Rad in that small jam jar every night then I think I could make my plan work).

Amy%20Gwatkin.jpg Amy Gwatkin

Amy Gwatkin is a photographer. After graduating from Brighton she went out dancing for while before getting stuck into fashion and portrait photography, taking the odd time out to pursue her own projects. She has contributed work to Sleazenation, Good for Nothing, The Independent, SHOWstudio, Attitude, pagesonline, and now Amelia’s!

Her hobbies include charity shops and writing about herself in the third person.

Amy%20Knight2.jpg Amy Knight

She emerged one day from the shadowy troughs of the South Downs and revealed her observations from a dog-eared notebook. Through writing and drawing she continued to translate her perceptions of the world until she found herself studying BA Illustration at Camberwell College of Arts, making Poe-esque worlds with a humble HB pencil and delving into research about the phenomenon of post-humanism, whilst writing a considerable amount of curious short stories. Concerned with storytelling and the unexpected, she has a deep and ongoing interest in the works of the great nineteenth-century Russian authors. Having gained a first class degree she discarded London in favour of a five-month adventure through the Far East, before returning to the wondrous capital to pursue her career in writing. At the age of twenty-two she began writing and researching for the magnificent Amelia’s Magazine, where much tea is consumed and her storytelling resumed through the process of art and music criticism.

andreas%20laszlo%20konrath.JPG Andreas Laszlo Konrath

I was born in 1981, in a small town named Chorleywood, just North West of London.

At the age of 11 I was in my first death metal band, with my best friends Rich & Rob. We were called Discharge (little did we know there was a REAL band called Discharge). By 13 I had picked up my first skateboard, and proceeded to destroy my body on this wooden toy until the age of 20 when I ended up in hospital with a ruined knee. This is when I focused more on the punk band I was in, with whom I toured the UK several times, playing every toilet bowl possible.

I picked up my first camera shortly after my brother bought me a book by Larry Clark for my 18th birthday. I started to take pictures of what was around me; skateboarders, bands, friends and general youth related activities that one’s time is occupied with in the suburbs of London.

I currently live in Brooklyn, New York. I have a bicycle, a skateboard, and an acoustic guitar. Oh, and a camera.

andy-council-pic_thm.jpg Andrew Council

Andrew uses his drawing skills and love of detail to create bizarrely intricate collections of creatures; from rabbits made of tanks to dinosaurs mobilized by ‘lots of stuff’. His work has huge visual impact and draws the viewer closer in to a bright and distorted world.

He was trained in the traditional techniques of animation and drawing, becoming influenced by Miyazaki and Geoff Darrow amongst others.

He taught himself digital techniques and now uses a combination of graphics, line drawing, ink and paint pen. Not content with screen or paper, Andy is now assaulting windows of Bristol with his unique menagerie.

Andrew_Cross_thm.jpg Andrew Cross

Born in Hull, I’ve been drawing from an early age and can’t remember a time when I haven’t drawn something. I studied Animation in Hull, this ended with me animating a story by comedian Andy Kaufman for my degree. Since then I’ve made a nice living working in London as a graphic designer.

Having just gone freelance has freed up more time to pursue illustration as a career. My old illustration website featured in a book by Taschen called Web Design Portfolios. My submission for Amelia’s Magazine is the first time my work has been published and I’m very excited!

Last year I married a lovely lass from Taiwan called Rabbit. Together we like to bake a lot of different breads and drink High Mountain Taiwan Tea all the time. Our dream is to open a bakery and Taiwan tea shop with a piano somewhere in there for me to play.

My dad is a Luther (guitar builder) and traditional folk musician. My mother is a good swimmer and life long cyclist. I often get mistaken for someone else, because I have a twin brother called Graham. I hope through my art I express an integral and humble impression of life.

Andrew%20James%20Jones.jpg Andrew James Jones

Andrews’ prolific output of paintings, drawings and low budget self published photocopy books are gaining him an ever increasing global following, clashing together many diferent elements into his work to create a truly unique and disturbingly dark, humorous vision.

“Andrew James Jones is a scary idiot criminal madman. The pictures he makes make me feel frightened and ill. I am unused to seeing such bizarre and revolting things. The world is a much worse place for having this kind of thing in it. The fact that this work is very amusing makes it even worse. It is terrible to laugh at something that you know is so deeply wrong and evil. Andrew James Jones should be put in jail.”

David Shrigley

“Combining social satire of our puerile desires with a surreal demonological transfiguration of reality, Jones’ illustrative vision transports us to an obscene adult variant of where the wild things are.”

William Alderwick, Varoom Magazine

andymac.jpg Andy Macgregor

Andy is a self confessed man of the wild with a soft spot for the hilarity of Mother Natures creatures. Both he and his illustration are evolving like a rabid virus. He’s got his fingers in many pies and is always working on new projects. He loves the dynamic crossover between 2D and 3D and is always on the look out for people to collaborate with.

You can see some more of his work on

Angelica%20Pena-Acosta.jpg Angelica Pena-Acosta

Angelica likes the intersection between visual and verbal communication. The harsh contrast between black and white fascinates her, only because in her delirium she thinks it a personal challenge to find the shades of grey in between: she likes to contradict and explore. Angelica studied archaeology and anthropology at Oxford, and now finds herself sailing along the unexpected tides of life and trying to decide on a specific direction amidst endless possibility. In the process, she loves watching people, writing narratives, taking photographs and spending time with her friends. She is happily addicted to films.

ANNIE%20COLLINGE.jpg Annie Collinge

Annie Collinge was born in London in 1980. She studied photography at Central Saint Martin’s and then Brighton University. Her clients include; Tank, Sleaze, Sleazenation, Guardian Weekend, Observer Magazine,Icon Magazine, Kickers, Lee Jeans, Border’s Books, Kilimanjaro, Sunday Time Magazine and Good For Nothing Magazine . She does the “Style Notes” page with stylist Eliisa Makin which appears every week in the Independent on Saturday Magazine. Her work in a mix of still life, portraits and fashion.

Ben%20Newman%20Amelia%20Mag%20profile.jpg Ben Newman

Ben Newman was born in 1982. His childhood was heavily influenced by superheroes, the Beano, cats and rope swings. In 2003, he graduated from the University of the West of England, Bristol. He has exhibited in both the UK and Germany. He received the “People’s Choice Award” at the Bristol Art Show in 2006. His debut solo show opened September 2007 at the Soma gallery in Clifton. He has also been selected to showcase in issue 9 of 3×3 magazine. Ben owns one desk, two pens, three pencils and a letter opener. He currently

resides in Bristol, UK.

Bernie-McGovern_thm.jpg Bernie McGovern

Bernie McGovern paints and lives in Chicago where he is surrounded by people he loves. He is a regular participant in things theatrical, illustrative, and spectacular.

Current projects include the graphic novel “An Army of Lovers will be Beaten,” puppetry design for avant garde theater company The Neo-Futurists, and co-directing the greatly ambitious animation piece “Thundering Through the Dawn” with Patrick Tianen under the kind, mysterious guidance of Demon House Productions. He has a great love for collaborators, juniper, hazelnut infused chocolate, and his parents.

Brie%20Harrison.JPG Brie Harrison

My name is Brie Harrison and I am a Printed Textile Designer.

I have always loved anything decorated with a pattern- be it the outside of a food tin in the supermarket or the insides of envelopes.

I graduated from Brighton Univeristy in 2003 where I studied a BA(hons) Fashion Textiles. After leaving college I went to work out in NYC for print studio, Design Works International before I came back to London to work for Accessorize designing prints for anything from bags, scarves and underwear to stationary and gifting.

I am now working freelance and living in London and have the time to work on a variety of different projects – which is very inspiring as I am constantly challenging myself.

I adore llustration as it is so parallel to what I do as a Print Designer and I would love to push my love of patterns and decoration into this new world to create something that tells a story.. so this is where it starts…

Camilla%20Pia.jpg Camilla Pia

Camilla likes to do a bit of everything. After graduating from Glasgow University with a French degree, she abandoned languages to become a full-time freelance journalist and now writes features and reviews about music and books for various magazines and websites, along with working in audio and music content development at the BBC and DJing, promoting and booking bands for successful Hoxton-based club night Ghost School.

Over the past ten years she has had work published in Dazed and Confused, Mojo, Q, Kerrang!, The Sunday Times, Jockey Slut, 6 Music online,, Disorder and The Fly, and has even dabbled a little in news broadcasting for radio at 6 Music and most bizarrely children’s television.

Records are a passion, with some of Camilla’s favourite acts ranging from Britney to Black Kids and Beethoven, and when she is not sitting hunched over a laptop smoking menthols she is out interviewing bands, going to gigs, reading comics, watching Nigella and The Golden Girls, drinking tea and wheat beer or spending ridiculous amounts of money on big accessories and designer toys.

Maybe one day she’ll settle down and focus on one thing, but it’s not looking too likely…

cat%20lauigan.jpg Cat Lauigan

Born in Paris and raised in Oakland, Cat Lauigan moved to New York and studied illustration at Parsons School of Design. Her work reflects upon themes of mysticism, self discovery and inner struggle. Mostly working in graphite and color pencil, she enjoys drawing while drinking genmaicha tea with honey and listening to 1990′s R&B. She also loves making prints and handmade books. Her drawings have been shown in various galleries including Brighton’s Phoenix gallery, Giant Robot and the Jonathan Levine Gallery.

penguin.jpg Catherine McColl

Catherine was born and raised in Belfast, and decided a penchant for irn-bru and vampire novels was enough of an incentive to move to Scotland to study English Literature. After four years, the University of Glasgow gave her a nice shiny degree and she decided that if London was good enough for Puss in Boots, it was good enough for her. She tricked her way onto a Masters at London College of Fashion by wearing a shirt Marc Bolan would have died for and having a vast knowledge of trashy Victorian novels. Catherine likes pow-wows, Russell Brand and wearing entire outfits from American Apparel (it’s an art). She does not like Excel spreadsheets. But she is highly susceptible to hype and these likes/dislikes will probably change by tomorrow.

me%20in%20barcelona.jpg Charles Drakeford

I like Robin Williams, trainers, 90s skate videos and wildlife documentaries. When it comes to remembering people’s names I often fail and there is nothing that brings a smile to my face like a big fat plate of Italian food. I’d also one day like to get really into astrology.

I find the question “So what kind of music are you into?” very unnerving and almost impossible to answer, I usually just reply with several minutes of “Errrrm” followed by “Talking Heads?”

I got my first skateboard when I was 11 and like every good teenage boy I misspent most of my youth hurting myself on that and getting trampled at gigs. Then I found out I might just be able to make a career from doing stuff like this, and instead of going to university – which is where most people go to avoid doing a real job – I decided to avoid a real job by pursuing a career in journalism.

Charlotte%20Sallis.jpg Charlotte Sallis

Newly renamed and recently graduated Charlotte studied Graphic Design and Advertising at Bucks Uni, a diverse course that guided her into her true passion of illustration. She feels she has become quite the little London journalist since joining team Amelia’s Magazine, which involves the daily Brighton to London commute. “Commuting is great, I love standing up on a train for an hour, walking up broken escalators and most of all getting a good urban armpit in my face on the tube!” It is only a matter of time before Charlotte turns into one of those zombie like commuters; shamelessly talking to herself and picking her nose whilst on tin sardine-esque public transport. In her spare time Charlotte freelances here and there and has several greeting card collections due to hit an M&S near you soon.

chiara%20romagnoli.jpg Chiara Romagnoli

Photographer Chiara Romagnoli, moved to London from Italy in 1997 to study Graphic Media Design at the London College of Printing. Initially a mixed media art photography, her work has since become concerned with reportage and fashion. Her credits includes Italian Glamour, D Della Repubblica Exit magazine, Nylon, Amelia’s Magazine, Crash magazine, Mood magazine, Prime, Tank magazine. Chiara is currently based in London.

christel%20escosa_amelias_mag.jpg Christel Escosa

Now living and faffing about in the UK, former Sydney-sider Christel got thrown into the mix after a cross continental trek ended abruptly in London where she is now based, after only intending to stay for four days.

Christel likes hot air balloons, eggs, foxes, turbans, chong heads, mango apple and peach Rubicon, the swings, colouring in people’s faces and wandering out and about in her pajamas. She likes singing to herself and watching other people sing to themselves when they think no one is looking or listening. She also has a penchant for making terribly inappropriate comments at the most inopportune moments, much to her own snortling amusement.

Christel began to write after a brief rumble with the fashion industry, when she found herself turning to the pen, which she discovered was mightier than the clothes hanger as a weapon of choice. Amongst others, she has worked and/or has written for Wonderland Magazine, Frankie Magazine, Nylon Aus/NZ,, Dumbo feather Pass It On and currently ‘Sup Magazine. She joins in the fracas from the front line with all weapons in hand that she still doesn’t know quite what the hell she’s doing with.

Dani%20Dobric.jpg Dani Dobric

Hi I’m Dani and I sure like to draw! Since graduating from London College Of Communication in 2005 I’ve been working as a freelance illustrator and designer. At the moment I’m living and working in both London and Stockholm, my hometown. People I’ve done drawings for include the Victoria & Albert museum, design company Radley Yeldar, Super Magazine, Lowlife and Headway East London. When I’m not drawing I enjoy looking for old photographs and porcelain reindeers in lil vintage shops, eating blueberry pancakes and singing karaoke with old ladies!

Ellie%20face.jpg Ellie Cryer

Ellie is quite short, and quite nice. Her illustration work bursts forth from between the seams of your visual pleasure – once you have tasted her bitter sweet organic typographical joy daydream wonder picture love you will never want any other candy!

Born in a biscuit barrel somewhere exciting with death and scandal, she spent most of her youth drawing secret crayon notes and stuffing them into the holes of trees as messages for the squirrels. When her parents realised her amazing creative gifts they kept her fed on a constant supply of cakes and waffles, and tied her to an easel where she wept angry tears of love into the paint of her early works, imbuing them with magical properties. When they ran out of waffle mix, her parents were forced to allow her to attend the local school where she learned how to tie her shoelaces and tell analogue time. Her academic progression was a glittering one, but it is not very interesting.

These days Ellie dwells in a sticky tree knot Bristol and works for The Man in a big blue and yellow tin. She would be lost without her ever-growing collection of felt pens. Her most favourite things to draw are deers, bicycles, tears, things that are extremely kitsch, lettering, a million colours, anchors, diamonds, teeth, tiles, televisions and sometimes shoes. In the not too distant future she would like to draw a jerboa and a calculator. She has an accidental collection of bouncy balls. One day she would really very much like to own a big golden harp and some roller boots and live in San Francisco, where bouncy balls abound.

namelace%20dress.jpg Emma Hamshare

Emma suffers from a terrible incurable illness whereby she gets an evil fire in her belly compelling her to stay awake for nights on end, drawing and making strange clothes. Her poor parents were bewildered and decided that the best thing to do would be to send her to an institute In london town where that kind of thing is accepted. It was an amazing stroke of luck though when Emma found Andy, as he shares a very similar illness except the product of the fires in his belly are lovely sounding songs. Together they like to eat mung beans and break out into small spazmodic dances for no reason. However at the London College of Fashion, Emma’s awful disease only got worse. She made clothes both day and night, she a made hexagon shaped jackets, trousers that were far too big for their own good, dresses out of upside down triangles, she even made strange laser cut fabrics. It got so bad that they put her clothes on a catwalk, gave her a first class degree and told her they couldn’t take care of her anymore. It was around this time that Amelia found Emma wandering the streets of London and rescued her.

Jo kirk took this photo of a dress Emma made out of many tiny swedish names.

Hannah%20P.jpg Hannah Gabriella Perkins

Hannah likes umbrellas and was born in wisbech. Her earliest memory is washing windows in a pair of blue and white pyjamas with her grandpa, she was three. The rest of her life is recalled to her in a series of moments and feelings wrapped in what she was wearing. This is one of the reasons why hannah has fallen to her plimsolled feet, creating stories styling others.

She grew up in london spending every summer amongst an endless tree of relatives and vineyards in Italy. After an untiring childhood making and creating, she finished with a degree in graphic design from Lcc specialising in moving image, with a love of super 8 and all things old. Freelance graphics led her to design many publications from antiques to amelias mag. After a few more years tinkering on a computer, she decided she needed something more hands on..lending her untrained eye for dressing, to the world of styling. Here she is currently building a portfolio of fashion editorials and music videos, having styled for numerous photographers, publications, and bands such as !!!, Maximo Park among many others.

helen.dodsworth.jpg Helen Dodsworth

After graduating from my Printed Textile degree in 2001, I found my work sat most comfortably in pattern design for women’s fashion, and this is what I spent the next few years doing.

I have been lucky enough to work in studios in New York, Copenhagen and London. I decided to go freelance a few years ago, partly as I liked the freedom (I could live wherever I liked and still do my work) and also because there were others things I wanted to explore. I have been freelancing alongside working part-time running workshops in Printed design and working with community art projects.

I recently moved to Manchester, and inspired by all the creativity I found here, decided it was time to explore my own art in a new direction.

I have always loved drawing and find illustration really inspiring, so decided to spend some time indulging in drawing whatever took my fancy.

My work is based in nature and animals, but seems to be based slightly more in fantasy than reality, which suits me really.

I love the illustrations in children’s books and it’s something I’d like to try myself.

I am available for freelance or collaborations, I don’t have a proper website yet, but am working on it.

james%20crulley.jpg James Crulley

James is a freelance Designer, and Illustrator. He lives in Hove near Brighton, he loves being so near to the sea. He likes baking cakes and drinking earl grey tea! James collects vintage objects and 50′s memorabilia at car boot sales and charity shops he is always looking for cool things especially vintage and vinyl toys. James studied illustration and animation at Kingston University, where he made a stop motion animation called Ice City. This has been shown at the ICA and Animated Encounters. James likes to make models these include miniature shoes made from dried pears. He also likes to draw this can be seen more evident in his recent work. To see more images visit his blog.

James%20Daw.jpg James Daw

James Daw is an artist and Illustrator who lives and works in London. He has completed 6 years in art and design study, including a degree at Camberwell, London Institute. Exhibitions include showing at The Royal Academy and The Royal College of Art, and illustration work includes publication in The Daily Telegraph and recently The Illustrated Ape. Consisting mainly of a “Fashion” theme, his illustrations are geared more towards the music and magazine cultures, using color for immediate impact. Their surroundings then slip into a slightly twisted nightmare of an everyday fairytale.

All illustration should contain at least a little dark magic.

James%20Shedden.jpg James Shedden

I use a range of techniques to create images – drawing & mark-making,

painting, sculpture, collage, photography, digital manipulation, etc –

whichever is most appropriate for the project I’m working on. Please

visit my website – – and feel free to contact me at

the address provided there.

jan_kiefer_thm.jpg Jan Kiefer

I was born in 1979 in Trier, Germany. After visiting the Specialized Secondary School of Fine Arts in Trier, I started the Visual Communication-Studies at the department of Fine Arts at University of Applied Sciences in Trier. During my entire education I focused on Fine Arts and Illustration. In February 2007 I graduated with a diploma in Visual Communication. A scholarship at Lucerne School of Art and Design/CH in 2006/07 was really inspiring for me and important for the development of my work.

Since 2003 I’ ve been working on various independent projects, exhibitions and also commissioned work including artworks and illustrations for several magazines, posters or cd- and lp-layouts.

Currently I’m working as an artist and freelance-illustrator.

Jasmine%20Foster.jpg Jasmine Foster

My name is Jasmine. I am a collector and creator of anything decorative and visually interesting. I have been studying Illustration at University College Falmouth (tucked away in Cornwall) for the past few years. I like to base my images primarily on narrative material, the end result usually taking the form of images within a picture book or artworks for book covers and occasionally editorial work. I don’t like to confine myself to working for just one type of audience or age range, so I tend to adapt my way of working to suit. I start artwork using detailed pencil drawing, which I play up using inks and watercolours or digital colour, whichever is most appropriate.

I find inspiration in travelling, old fairytales, patterns, dreaming, music, writing, my illustrating friends, French children’s books, fashion, everyday situations and people watching.

I have a forever growing collection of lanterns, umbrellas, tiny sketchbooks, decorative paper, letters, dresses, ribbons, old train tickets, curious notes found on the street, paper butterflies and a whole host of other fairly useless objects, all of which influence my work in some way. I would hope that this collection will one day include old birdcages, roller-skates, musical instruments, chandeliers and unicorns, old radios and wallpaper.

jayne%20bio%20pic%20small.jpg Jayne Helliwell

Jayne Helliwell is a little gem to work with. The first time I saw her, she came pacing across the paving stones towards me, wearing a checked shirt to her knees and pushing a Raleigh Cameo speed bike. Jayne later informed me that it was the same bicycle her mum carried her around on when she was just a miniature girl. My initial, judgemental impression of her was that she was ever-so-cool, and ever-so-small. I wasn’t sure she would want to be my friend, but now we spend our days making each other chamomile teas in Amelia’s kitchen and laughing about elephants in the room. I suppose you have to be there. When she grows up, Jayne fancies being a draw-er, or perhaps an Olympic athlete? For now though, she works at Amelia’s Magazine, looking important on her Apple Mac Power Book. Her likes include cake, and eating cake, but only if it is vegan. Today she sampled Amelia’s mushy pea dahl, and decided that should be on her list of likes also. Jayne has great taste in music, which comes in handy when reviewing albums for the magazine, and when I feel like hearing a new band. She has so far introduced me to everything from Serge Gainsbourg to Tilly and the Wall. We’re ever so trendy here at Amelia’s. One more thing you might need to know about Jayne is that she has the most infectious laugh in the world.

By Jessica Watkins

Jennifer%20Pitchers.jpg Jennifer Pitchers

Born into a life of quiet austerity, Jennifer has a tendency to communicate in small squeaks and nervous hand gestures. Unless of course she is very cross and then many a vile obscenity will be uttered alongside great sighs and other such dramatics. This is a girl of strict contradiction.

Since graduating from Camberwell College of Arts with a degree in Illustration, she has taken to revealing herself in the form of gentle drawings and rude photography, observing her surroundings with obsessive detail. She is still waiting to find the right medium that can harbour such conflicting interests. Aside from working at Amelia’s she is also a regular illustrator for Notes from the Underground.

She is currently looking forward to exploring what the USA has to offer her creative career with former Amelia’s intern James Foreman (though he doesn’t know he’s paying yet).

Jenny%20Lewis.jpg Jenny Lewis

I work as a portrait photographer in East London and have loved working for Amelias for the last few issues. It’s been a great introduction to music that is now amongst some of my favorites.

jess_e.jpg Jess Wilson

My name is Jess Wilson and I am a London based Ilustrator. I use crayons and paints in my illustrations. I enjoy observing the world around me and documenting all sorts of eccentric occurrences. I’m open to working on all kinds of briefs and enjoy all new challenges, which come my way.

Apart from that, my favourite colour is baby blue, I have a weakness for guitar hero and Baywatch (series 1). People often tell me I have an unsensible food palette, but I can’t help enjoying a good portion of sardines in fruit salad. I enjoy smiling and frowning and try to keep to these two expressions. I can’t sit still for more than 30 seconds, which makes it hard to sleep, but means I have lots of energy to draw and paint, lovely nice stuff.

JessicaMyers.jpg Jessica Myers

Jessica Myers was born in July of 1978. She lives in Ambler, a small town outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jessica resides with her boyfriend and two tuxedo cats. She is an artist and professional gardener who creates books, ink and enamel drawings, worktables and wooden sculptures. If not an artist, she would be a private investigator as her great loves are scrutiny, secrecy, discovery and practicing the skill of soundless movement. She enjoys scenes of great activity and physical exertion.

Currently, she is working on a series of books, much like a personal encyclopedia set, that include words and images relevant to her interpretation and experience.

She has studied at a University in Philadelphia and in Rome, Italy.

‘There is nothing like a sharpened pencil’.

jess%20blog%20pic%20small.jpg Jessica Watkins

Jessica Watkins is a Hippie that lives in a tree at the point where Wales turns into England. It’s a magical point I am told, with waterfalls and trees that disappear. And re-appear. She lived at that magical point until she moved to Brighton where she now studies Fashion and avoids eating meat. She is long and thin so lends her body to modelling sometimes, you will probably have seen her face. Maybe. Turns out she is somewhat of a genius and learns a little bit too fast for my liking. Many things are ‘lush’ in her world, though she doesn’t enjoy it when elephants are in the room. She is also that person people will ring up when you want to have a cry and she will make sure you do not. She has many skillz. They include; crayons, long hair, private views, dancing, folk, tea making, waterproof coats, peanut butter and doing things really fast. Jessica Watkins did not write this. Jayne did.

jill%20serra.jpg Jill Serra

I am a 25 year old illustrator, designer, rollerskater, and cookie-baker extraordinaire. I live in Brooklyn, NY.

My work has been published in the following publications: ELLE, Lucky, Cosmogirl, JANE, and Graphic Design USA. I create a line of tote bags (which you can find on my website) and a custom line of clutch purses for a small shop in Paris, France.

I am a member of The Ladies Auxiliary (a women’s design collective in Brooklyn.) And I want to someday learn to play the accordion…

img227resized.jpg Josephine Ma

a.k.a. Jojo from the Ghetto.

The baby of the Amelia’s team, she lives up to the label with a fondness for chocolate milk and mini adventures with her fellow scavengers Rugrats style. On the days she does decide to be all grown up she consumes dangerous amounts of sushi, shakes what her mama gave her and does a bit of a Monica whenever games are to be played.

Currently studying Fashion Promotion and Communication at Ravensbourne College, she ain’t ‘alf bad at graphic design and creative writing. One to get bored easily, she also likes to dabble in a little cutting and sticking. The creative juices don’t stop there though; she likes to think of herself as a bit of a Chinese Jamie Oliver.

She may be small but boy, is she loud.

bio%20pic.jpg Kai Chan

My name is Kai Chan from Hong Kong. I am studying at Camberwell College of Arts, BA illustration year 2 in London. Now i am enjoying my college life and love my tutors so much. I am still looking for , trying to, creating my own style. I love watching people secretly, but I don’t like people watching me. Easy to get nervous. I am thinking, maybe when i dead, i wish i can be like a snow white, sleep in a glass box. So romantic.

kat%20squire.jpg Kat Squire

Kat Squire is a designer/illustrator based in London. She graduated in June 2007, from Central Saint Martins with a First in BA Textile Design (Print). In March 2007, she won Eddie Squires bursary for “outstanding contemporary printed furnishing fabric design” from the RSA. During her second year at college she discovered a passion for drawing and hasn’t put her pen down since. Her illustration work is typically composed of pen and ink drawings, collaged using different papers, coloured tape and stitch.

Since graduating she has worked as a freelance designer for a New York based surface design studio and for Skew studio, a London based children’s design company, on projects for the BBC and Nickelodeon. She loves designing, and one day hopes to market her one-off screen-printed and embroidered blankets (have a look at her website!) She enjoys drawing animals, playing the piano, giggling uncontrollably, and bum-boarding down icy slopes backwards. She dislikes buccaneering rats that invade her cupboards and cheap umbrellas.

KateSlaterpic-1.jpg Kate Slater

Kate Slater is an illustrator who spent the first 19 years of her life on a beautiful farm deep in the middle of England. She then flew south to study at Kingston University, where she discovered that hanging pieces of paper from wires and strings is her favourite way of making pictures. She also baked a lot of cakes, amassed a large hat collection, swamped the studio with paper and constructed a 12-foot beanstalk from gardening magazines. Kate graduated in 2008 and now lives in the fair city of London. She has wanted to write and illustrate children’s books for nearly all her life, indeed the only other career she ever seriously considered was a being bath-cleaner, aged six.,

Katey%20Harvey.jpg Katey Harvey

My name is Katey Harvey, I am originally from Manchester but currently live in Liverpool after studying Illustration and Graphic Arts at John Moores. I like to tell stories in paint and pencil and enjoy attention to silly detail. I love 0.3 automatic pencils, cute girls with beautiful dresses, eye-lash-on-a-stick paintbrushes, miniature objects, cheeky boys with cheeky faces, dunking my paintbrush in my coffee cup, taking a swig out of my paint pot, grey paper, owls and riding down the stairs in a duvet.

kathrin%20fleischmann.jpg Katherin Fleischmann

My name is Kathrin Fleischmann.

I live in Berlin.

I draw.

I sew.

I like stories.

I don`t like broken escalators.

katewebster.jpg Katherine Webster

Hi I’m Kate and I make my illustrations by sweat, tears, cigarettes, tea and beneath all a touch of imagination. I like bargains, Paris, dreams, junk shops, horses, clutter, folklore kaleidoscopes, haberdasheries, the library and craft. I collect novelty bits and bobs on my travels… dated packaging, wrappers, paper, stationary and general tat. My images reflect my magpie instincts in an eclectic appearance of collage, combining photos, stitch, doodle, paint and found objects.

Having just graduated from my Illustration degree by the mystical coast my personal work to date has explored magical realism, Freud, poetry, heritage and superstition. A Jack of all trades, I look to the future to work across a range of contexts and themes with the hope of mastering a few. Have a butchers…

katiegreen.jpg Katie Green

Katie Green is a freelance illustrator living in Bristol, UK. Her work includes meticulous line drawing, slightly less meticulous painting and collage, model-making, toy-making and sometimes animation. She particularly likes to make books. She works and lives amongst her ever-growing library and loves long days at her desk punctuated by cups of redbush tea.

She likes old maps, old books, new books, country walks, frilly clothes, bunnies, dancing and playing her cello from time to time.

Katie has a degree in Biology. She also bakes a wicked vegan cake.

Lars%20Borges.jpg Lars Borges

Lars Borges lives and works in Berlin city, because all of his beloved friends are around. Okay… a few have moved away, sadly a very dear one to Paris recently, and a few others never moved here in all those years. He wonders why, because it seems like almost everybody is moving to Berlin nowadays. Maybe it is because those friends were clever enough to realize, that it’s cold and grey for half the year, it’s poor, there are not so many Jobs around, the streets are often empty, everybody in this city is emotionally unstable during this period, and the Paris cuisine is far more ahead. While I’m writing this Lars Borges is training himself how to use a pen tablet to become more skill full with retouching, he told me it feels like using a computer mouse for the first time. He is dreaming about really nice strong black coffee and wondering if Tibet will ever be free? That’s maybe because he discovered Twin Peaks 17 years late. Whenever he is not depressed he is doing photos – this is why he shot the Justice for the latest issue of Amelia’s Magazine.

PHOTO_FOR_AMELIA_MAG.jpg Laura-Maria Arola

Born and raised in Finland, I discovered my love for drawing and colour, thanks to my inspirational Nordic roots and the countless days spent exploring the forests surrounding my grandmother’s house.

Years on, my creative ambition developed from drawing, into designing and making fashion garments. This took me to London where I recently completed a degree in fashion/textiles at Ravensbourne College.

Following my heart, I pursued my dream as a print designer. My work is versatile and crosses between fashion, textiles, illustration, graphics, and interiors. As one of the Texprint ’07 designers, I have been fortunate enough to exhibit my work in London and Paris, and have sold work to established international companies and designers. My prints have also been featured in reputable design books and magazines.

Amongst my many ambitions, I would love to see more of the world, creating exciting artwork, and ensuring my homeland memories and personal inspirations continue to drive me.

lauren%20mortimer.jpg Lauren Mortimer

Lauren was born into this world as a natural redhead. For many years it was an eye catching trait, but decided it was just not good enough. She wanted more. And so, she decided to proceed the next level. Her Ruby Red barnet has been her friendly companion for some time now. You will most likely find her in a charity shop where she hunts to find a treasured bargain. Lauren is currently studying Fashion Promotion at Central Saint Martins. She has lent her services to New York, Art Department, Blow pr, the Telegraph magazine, Amelia’s Magazine, and like her ruby mane, she aims to make a bold impression. She likes to take photographs, draw, and compose her own little books. She often works with her ‘pea in a pod’ twin sister, by whom she also refers to as ‘twin face’.

Lauren_Sherman.jpg Lauren Sherman

Lauren Sherman is a journalist living in Brooklyn, N.Y. She began contributing to Amelia’s Magazine while living in London, and after harrassing said editor for months on end until permitted to write a profile.

Beyond her day job covering fashion, food and travel for a financial website, Lauren likes to blog about things she can’t afford, collect vintage magazines and host Sunday brunches at her flat.

Laurentowner_photo1.jpg Lauren Towner

An enthusiastic, Reading based graduate of the Arts Institute at Bournemouth, Lauren likes to try her hand at all kinds of Illustration. From digital to traditional and beyond she loves to experiment with materials, but her main passion will always be portraits and creating images with something important to say. She would love to see her work in major national newspapers some day but her big dream is to work in the Game, Film and television industry as a concept artist.

She is also rather fond of the colour blue…

bio-pic.jpg Lena Dystant

Lena Dystant is a freelance music and fashion writer and occasional stylist from sunny North London. After falling in and then very quickly out of love with the idea of art school she ended up studying History and French at Queen Mary’s, spending most of her student loan on magazines and vintage cardigans. Kicking things off at The Face and Sleazenation she bounced from one internship to the next, ending up in New York and making it back in time for dinner. When not being distracted by shiny objects and creating Kate Bush compilations she finds time to write for various publications and websites including Oyster, Tokion and Urban Junkies. Lena spends far too much time drinking tea and bidding for old Polaroid cameras on eBay and admittedly feels a little funny writing about herself in third person.

Leona_clarke.jpg Leona Clarke

“Hello, I’m Leona and I’m a graphic designer/ Illustrator residing in NW London with my boyfriend Joe who is also a designer. I graduated from Chelsea college of Art and design in 2004 with a degree in Design for Communication, since then I have been earning a living as a graphic designer.

Illustration is something I love and although my day job allows me to do a lot of illustration, it’s out of work that I really pursue my passion for drawing. I draw with rotring pens and colouring pencils but I often give my illustrations that polished look by redrawing them in Adobe illustrator, I also purchased a Gocco printer recently which I plan to master soon!

I plan to carry on Illustrating and getting my work seen although I’m not about to quit being a designer yet, I like to do everything! So far this year my work has been published in ‘Curvy 5′ released by Yen Magazine, and now ‘Amelia’s magazine’!”

Lilia.jpg Lilia Toncheva-O’Rourke

Lilia was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, where she studied theatre design and painting. She came to the UK to further study fashion, and after graduating worked for Boudicca and Hamish Morrow before starting her freelance styling careeer. Lilia lives and works in London.

Louise%20Chappell.jpg Louise Chappell

Louise Chappell

After graduating from painting at the Glasgow School of Art Louise set up a creative everything partnership with her artistic alter-ego and best friend Becky. Together they spent three very fun and pretty hard working years sitting in a red and white shed inside a beautiful (but freezing) warehouse, drawing and making things. Between commissions they liked to create impossibly large and ridiculous wall paintings and eat porridge on the roof. Recently Louise has spent her time convincing artists to participate alongside her and Becky in group exhibitions in Glasgow and Sweden.

In March ’08 she left the shed in the care of a bloke called Dan and traveled to London town to learn about making Amelia’s Magazine. Well practiced in the arts of tea and cake consumption, she has great hopes for her time there.

Lowe%20Seger.jpg Lowe Seger

Lowe Seger transcends the traditional with his truly avant garde approach to photography. His pictures have an underlying element of fine art photography, which has been preserved with his move towards fashion in recent years. The timeless pieces are often documentary in nature although, Lowe’s attention to detail shines through in the carefully directed photographs.

Lucy%20Hamblin.jpg Lucy Hamblin

Born in 1980, raised in Kent; now living in New York City.

Hamblin studied at Central Saint Martins, Middlesex University and London College of Fashion. By the time of her graduation she had already had a considerable amount of work published, and been short-listed for the Dazed and Confused Photography Award.

In 2003 she was awarded The Independent/ American Express Fashion Photography Award, by a panel of judges including Nick Knight and Alexander McQueen.

As well as contributing regularly to Amelia’s for the last 3 years, her work has also appeared in Rolling Stone, Nylon, Vogue, Time Magazine, Spin, Tokion, Exit, Elle, NME, Billboard, Wall Street Journal, The Independent, and The Guardian.

Luke%20James.gif Luke James

I am a freelance illustrator living in London. My work is conceptual and often comes from a sociological discourse. I enjoy commenting on social and political issues, trying to avoid purely decorative Illustration. Music often informs my work and I am part of a design collectve that specialises in music graphics and illustration. Our clients include; Jack Penate, The Maccabees and Young Turks among others. My work is heavily figurative due to my interest in people and how they react with each other and the world around them. I use traditional techniques (primarily drawing) to produce multi-layered, digital imagery.

Mia%20pic.jpg Mia Marie

I LOVE to draw, so luckily I am supporting myself as an illustrator and fashion designer. I recently moved from my hometown Copenhagen, Denmark to New York to follow my free spirited dreams about taking charge of my time here on earth.

I will describe myself as someone who truly breathes for ’the art of creation’ since I love anything related to it; like baking ryebread, blowing bubbles and building sand castles amongst other activities…

I am a hippie in many ways.

Got married to my husband last year on a beach in Kauaii. I met him in a teenage band 8 years ago. He was the guitar player and I the lead singer. Clichee?

Hence my love for colors and creation my greatest fear is losing my hands, or my eyesight… What would become of me then? I guess I would try to survive as a blind singer with no hands…

I am represented in the US by Trafficnyc, UK by Peppercookies and in France by Creative Syndicate.

bio_portrait_small.jpg Michelle Heimerman

Using vintage treasures from rickety bed frames to elegant lace dresses as her muse, Michelle specializes in fashion and portrait photography. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Photo Illustration from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Originally from New York, she is currently living in London, pursuing a unique and inspiring career in photography, where the ability to pause a moment in one’s existence is her motivation.

pic%20of%20nick.jpg Nick Garrett

My name is Nick, I live in London. I spend most of my time calling up art directors and pestering them for commissions. This isn’t much fun for me but drawing definitely is. My working environment is quite small, rather cluttered but very cosy. I’m surrounded by books, magazines, CDs, guitars and amps, stacks of disregarded post and a heaving pin board full of ‘things to do’ notes, print outs of my favourite illustrations, family photographs and rough drawings.

My favourite atmosphere to work in is when it’s cold, wet and grey outside whilst I’m indoors, sat at my desk with a nice warm cuppa tea, listening to music and my eyes fixed to the glare of my light box or computer screen as I draw or colour in. Sounds slightly doom ‘n’ gloom aye? Well, I don’t think this comes through in my work.

I like to produce illustrations which convey a strong idea in a humorous way. It’s always nice when you show your work to someone and it makes them laugh or smile. I enjoy drawing things going on around me that I find amusing or aesthetically pleasing. This is where I get a lot of inspiration, but I’m also very interested in wildlife and the natural world, so much so, that when I’m not drawing, I work at London Zoo as a volunteer keeper where I help look after an array of amazing animals.

Nikki%20Pinder%20Photo.jpg Nikki Pinder

Nikki Pinder is a freelance Illustrator, Artist and Designer based in Delamere Forest, Cheshire. At age four she attempted to learn how to fly using story books as wings, but in later years decided it’d be better to turn these abstract ideas into illustrations and artworks on canvas. Obsessed with details, ephemera, memories, and found objects, she grew up on a visual diet of comics and trips to the local antique shop. Textures and layering are an important consideration when creating her curious and sometimes bizarre characters and landscapes. The relationship between man and machine is another obvious fascination as she often juxtaposes organic and mechanical images to form surreal and whimsical narratives. Birds, insects and organisms are also a common theme throughout her work as she draws much of her inspiration from nature and it’s rustic colour palette.

Always experimenting with materials, her style is characterized by paper and fabric collage and the incorporation of inks, graphite, acrylics and found images. The handmade theme which runs throughout her work was recently developed into a series of unique badges now supplied to various bookstores and shops. Nikki graduated from Nottingham Trent University in 2005 with a BA Honours in Illustration and Graphic Design. Her first solo exhibition took place in November 2006 and she is planning to collaborate with various artists, photographers and musicians in the near future.

nisha.jpg Nisha Matthew

Armed with a portfolio filled with drawings, garments, a few embroidered gloves, an unhealthy obsession with Howard Keele, cowboys and my trusty sewing kit I left the stability of art school to venture into the real world. Graduating as a printed textile designer from Edinburgh College of Art I returned home to London Town. I try to keep my work as low- fi as possible using just a few of my favourite things; felt tip pens, gouache and my lovely black rotring pen. When I am not drawing little pictures I am striving to complete the world’s finest one woman band costume. However I am currently thwarted by a lack of limbs so am now working on genetically attaching more – which coincidentally helps with the mass production of Nisha Matthew drawing originals.

pff.jpg Owain Thomas

Owain has spent his whole life thinking and believing that one day he would be an animal. Although, fluffy and grisly he will never achieve his dream, so he has taken on a career of design instead and in particular illustration. He will graduate from Central Saint Martins Graphic Design this year and will then set about showing the world his creative mind. Painting is his strongest and preferred method of visualising his ideas. He enjoys applying painting to narratives, creating and illustrating strong stories with well-defined characters. He looks to fuse his illustrative skills with editorial work and in particular type. He is the part time boy at Amelia’s Magazine where he subject to bullying from a mass of girls. Despite this he still continues to work. Check out his work on his website.

Patrick%20Tianen.jpg Patrick Tianen

Patrick Tianen toils beneath the gray, brittle skies of Brew City, Milwaukee, longing for country comforts & sky blue waters. Worry & Wonder, Diamond Lust, Pastoral Tragedy, Antiquated Love, Placid Ponies & Weepy Demons are some of his favorite things & closest friends. Current works include nurturing the comic, collective lovechild Demongun magazine with dear cohorts Angelina Krahn & Bernie McGovern, wrestling the mammoth animated epic Thundering Through the Dawn, and escaping into cheap, fleeting fantasy. Through his painting and illustration, he employs hyperbolic color and imagery to mine the mundane for lurid subtext and big laughs.

paul%20paper.jpg Paul Paper

Paul Paper lives in a small strange city of Vilnius, Lithuania where he daydreams, sleeps, walks, eats

and sometimes takes pictures. Paul has seen plastic money twice in his life and is surely a bit more

happy after that. He enjoys birds and parks, girls and boys. He makes small books, box of postcards

and exhibitions, but no art, we are afraid. Sometimes in winters he can be found in bed reading books

about old travelers. People, nature and creativity are three main things that inspires him.

Protey%20Temen.jpg Protey Temen

Protey Temen was born in 1984 in Russia, Moscow. Since 2004 he has been working on different ways of visual environment saturation. Since that year till present day, Protey is an art-director at ZUNGE DESIGN studio, based in Moscow. He is mostly interested in various graphic directions such as design and contemporary art. Through his own understanding and way of work, he doesn’t try to divide these non-crossed aspects. Most favorite projects come from “symbiosis of tasks and feelings”

Since 2007 year Protey has been working on many-sided project called “Dobrotarizm”, which can be translated as “Happytalism”. The main objective of the project is a focus on positive reactions among human feelings and their further manipulation. Protey views kiddy-styled graphics as the main source of inspiration for his work.

reed%2Brader-pic.jpg Reed + Rader

Reed + Rader are Pamela Reed and Matthew Rader. When they aren’t shooting fashion stories like the one you can find in issue 8 of Amelia’s Magazine, you can find them taking portraits of their large and growing stuffed animal family. They currently reside in Brooklyn, New York with their 2 cats (Essy and Xanadu).

Sara%20Cullen.jpg Sara Cullen

Sara was born in Manchester in 1982 and enjoyed being creative from an early childhood. She has since completed a MA in Design and Art Direction at Manchester Metropolitan and a BA in Graphic Arts at John Moores, and went on to accomplish a year’s placement at the lovely and talented ‘Smiling Wolf’.

More recently, her primary discipline has become illustration, where she uses a montage working method. She obsessively scours charity shops and car boots to find potential images and materials to cut and paste, but more importantly for inspiration and research, which she feels is an all-important part of the creative process. Other influences include anything 1950’s and children’s illustrations.

Sara’s alter-ego is ‘Cat & Fox Adventures’, a name inspired by a poem written about her and her boyfriend by a Liverpool poet which stuck.

Looking forward to the future, Sara hopes to continue having fun and experiment with illustration, as well as remaining open to new opportunities and collaborations. Her many aspirations include seeing her illustrations in editorials, on book covers and record covers.

SarahBarnes.jpg Sarah Barnes

I was once asked the question ‘What would you do with a 5 minute slot on television?’ My answer was; ‘Make a vox-pop show asking people what they would do with a 5 minute slot on television.’

People interest me, and I like exploring them through words and pictures. I especially like looking at the way other people use words and pictures to explore themselves.

I write words and I draw pictures. I collect together other people’s words and pictures and enjoy showing them to yet more people.

I am lucky because I get to do all this writing, drawing, collecting and showing for the lovely Amelia’s Magazine. I also set up the online alternative women’s magazine ‘Uplift’ so that other female creatives might find a space to delight in their own show and tell.

sarah-waters_thm.jpg Sarah Waters

Sarah graduated from Brighton Uni in 2006 with a BA Hons degree in illustration. She’s now working as a freelance illustrator from her box bedroom in East London where she spends most days knee deep in bits of paper for collaging or paints for printing. “This is all done in front of my computer, which just about fits onto my tiny desk, which just about fits into my tiny room” she explains.

Sarah has no set method of working but the end result tends to be bold, decorative and graphic. Being artistic but also quite concept driven means that her work falls somewhere between illustration and graphic design. This positioning gives her a broad client base, which continues to grow. So far she has worked on a number of editorial commissions, publicity pieces and commissioned artworks.

sophievictoriahill.jpeg Sofie Victoria Hill

A hippie at heart – Sofie spends most of her time dreaming about the future and drawing massive spider diagrams, desperate to find her path and make realistic plans. On the flipside, she is always doing something, be it writing about an obscure artist or band for Amelia or scrawling out city trend overviews for WGSN (but she ain’t really no fashion girl…) She loves music, beautiful people and festivals and dreams of writing books, or drawing pretty, swirling pictures of mysterious faces and taking millions of pictures and developing them herself in a dusty little shed at the back of her garden. Music is her aeroplane and she has a soft spot vintages dresses – she can’t help but collecting them. She doesn’t miss a trick, will take care of you and will dance all night with no shoes on…

Susie%20Lloyd.jpg Susie Lloyd

Susie Lloyd studied fine art st the University of Brighton. She is a fashion and music stylist based in London. She’s styled bands/musicians like Patrick Wolf, Kate Nash, Noisettes, and others. As well as Amelia’s Magazine she also contributes to Interview, I-D, Dazed….Susie also makes one off accessorie pieces which have been featured in Amelia’s Magazine, Italian Vogue, I-d, Nylon…and others.

tanya%20geddes.jpg Tanya Geddes

Hello my name’s Tanya and I have a penchant for prints and yummy designs. I also like having a play with words as well as getting the old sketch pad out now and again. I am fond of observing people because there’s always something curious about trying to understand what makes someone tick. My favourite things are sprinkles because they make the world a little bit brighter. I heart ecology and philosophy but I need to bod up on both of these subjects because they are for smart people. I would also advocate night-time walks for anyone living in a city because things happen too fast here, although please don’t blame me if you get mugged.

Tara%20Darby.jpg Tara Darby

Working from an old bric-a-brac shop in London’s Hackney, Tara Darby has been quietly setting the pace for all other young, UK based photographers, effortlessly spanning the worlds of fashion, music, advertising and journalism with a body of work that exudes both sincerity and beauty. It is the honesty of her photographs, the personal and approachable emphasis that she applies to otherwise seemingly candid snapshots, which has allowed her to cultivate a working style ever adaptable to a multitude of subjects. As testimonial to the efficacy of her approach Tara’s list of clients speaks for itself. Tara started shooting professionally in May 2002 and has since then shot work for such titles as British Vogue, Vogue Pelle, Teen Vogue, Another, Another Man, Dazed and Confused, GQ Style, Amelia’s Magazine, The Wire, The Observer, The Independent, The Telegraph Magazine, W Magazine, V and The New York Times, as well as receiving commissions from Adidas, Nike, Timberland, Orange, T-Mobile, BBH, EMI, Polydor, Virgin, Channel 4, and Saatchi and Saatchi. She recently worked on two books with the acclaimed Art Director David James about the artists Delaine Le Bas and the painter Jenny Saville.

tim%20brown%20bio%20pic.jpg Tim Brown

Timothy Aves Brown sleeps very little, for he is forever gallivanting amongst all things Graphic Design. He enjoys useful white space, slick lines and primary colours, as well as mockery, good coats, and white racer bikes. Like a child that eats too many sweets and has been given a puppy, he cannot sit still and do nothing – hyperactive may be understatement for him. Luckily, he converts this energy creatively and is awfully trigger-happy with his Canon camera.

Tom%20HOward.jpg Tom Howard

Tom Howard is a cool cat with fat cheeks and sweet knees. He’s a very fat man with low jeans and enormous shoes. He rarely has eyes, and when he does, he rarely uses them. There’s nothing Tom Howard likes more than causing havoc with the gammon backed beat sinking kids at the Job Centre Plus. Chief among his non-physical interests is making up post and pretending to post it. When he’s not forcefully tied to his bed, it’s rare he won’t be gobbling on flageoli beans. Them things are real good with a bit of hot sauce and some soda bread.

On a more serious note, Thursday’s are my favourite day because they are everyone else’s least favourite. This is demented, I know. But that’s why I like it. Also, I like music and that, but only when I can be bothered to put down my brow beating, cat tickling, grass chewing, manga loving, sand digging, hair pulling, cake tugging, death hugging crack pipe. Safe.

ute_kleim.jpg Ute Kleim

My name is ute. I live and work in berlin as a freelance graphic designer. When it comes to graphics and design, I enjoy illustration and I especially like colorful pictures with lots of details and tiny things to discover. I usually put a lot of emphasis on the materials I work with – for instance, I often use raw, natural or recycled paper to make images appear antique and multi leveled. I currently don´t stick to a certain theme, but I like natural forms and flowers, as well as animals and little supernatural creatures. I also sew; check out my cats which come in many colors and different styles and shapes. Together with two friends, I have started the “rainbowmaker collective” group. We design visuals, postcards, buttons and lots of interactive and funny stuff.

Will%20Sanders.jpg Will Sanders

Photographer Will Sanders lives in North London with his wife and two cats; Agnes and Monty. He’s recently become obsessed with looking at cars on ebay but keeps being out bid. His work has been published in W Magazine, Nylon, Exit, Intersection, Oyster, Esquire, the Guardian weekend, the CR annual and the British Journal of Photography.

yoko_furushoJPG.jpg Yoko Furusho

Yoko Furusho was born and raised in Tokyo, Japan. She spent most of her childhood drawing and reading. She moved to New York with full of passion of drawing. She studied illustration at School of Visual Arts in New York. after her graduation in 2008, she started her career as an illustrator/artist. She likes to draw many details, textures and patterns with ink and acrylic. And also she likes to make fabric sculptures to show her fluffy feelings and imagination.

recently she was chosen for American Illustration 26, 27 and selected for images 33. And she had her first solo-show in New York, “exhale”.

braid3.jpg Zeroten

I am ZEROTEN, a freelance illustrator based in London. I have been fascinated by drawing and image making from infancy. I particularly remember the painting of a foetus I created in nursery, to which I had paid particular attention to the umbilical cord. As a result, a priest told my parents that I would become an artist, and he was correct. I graduated with a first in graphic design in 2008 and since then I have either been busy illustrating for the likes of Amelia’s Magazine, Bearded, Cafe Royal and YCN or endlessly and aimlessly walking around London dressed in black with an evil grin. Other than making art, I like peanut butter, pajamas, cults, skinheads, 19th century literature, witches, Jack The Ripper, Jarvis, magic, people in top hats and all things wicked.

aurelie%20henquin.jpg aurelie henquin

I live in Brussels and my work is inspired by an exploration of my childhood memories. I am inspired by independent comics; by awkward characters that are both disturbing and endearing, that evoke a world where repulsion and attraction are good friends. In this world difference is a criterion of seduction.

Oréli, an astonishing aesthetic ranging from the illustration for children and imaging blackest that could have found in American comics. Monsters nice, doudous venomous, hybrids delirious and botanical diabolical mix to create a mystical world and wrongly disrupted!

Festival themes of all kinds, shapes and frames close to the ground, floral decorations seasoned with a hint of animosity and eccentric bestiaries. In his compositions each element is highlighted without harming whole. His images of flamboyant colors have an immediate effect of seduction. It does not shock effect, but rather an atmosphere where there is a sweet strangeness.

Spontaneity and freedom of the Treaty, Aurélie Henquin, Alias Oréli, creates a world in which bêbêtes arising from the oddity of his imagination, come together démultipliées through this printing technique: the Screen!

io_takemura.jpg io Takemura

Excited by style and culture across the Uk and Japan, this international award winning talent is never able to define herself as only one thing.

A fashion stylist, filmmaker, designer, photographer and art director, io has already gained worldwide recognition. From publications in i-D Art & Commerse issue to Yomiuri Newspaper, Japan, winner of the Eco Japan Cup, curating shows and designing for Junky Styling for the past three years and recently completing another short film… io’s passion of genuine, recyclable and ethical issues living in this consumer culture are always considered within her work, collaborations and ultimate showcases.