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Georgie Van Kuyk


Hi there, seek my name is Georgiana but that’s too long for most people so it’s been shortened to Georgie or G, or whatever moniker my lazy ass friends can come up with.

I was born in America and moved around a lot with my parents till I was 11 and moved to England. I moved to London from Leeds a year and a half a go, came to the big smoke with aspirations of becoming some kind of a writer, but have settled for a 9-5 job that I like, while I cut my teeth writing for little publications I respect and enjoy reading like Amelia’s.

In Leeds I did my degree in History and then decided to do my MA because I didn’t want to move down south yet.

The music scene in Leeds was incredible and I started writing a few odd things here and there, without really setting out to write about music.

When I moved to London it just kind of seemed the only thing I could sensibly write about with any enjoyment or passion.   I try to go to as many gigs as I can get to, am constantly trying to look for new things to listen to, at the moment I really like Marni Stern, Vampire Weekend’s new album, Real Estate and Yeasayer’s- Odd Blood.