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Rachel Clare

Rachel ClareRachel has spent the past 10 years heavily embroiled in the music industry in various guises, see namely National Radio Plugger at Parlophone and most recently Press Officer at Murray Chalmers PR, hospital looking after the likes of Radiohead, Brett Anderson and Graham Coxon.

Having spent her entire twenties moaning about music journalists opinions in print, she had somewhat of an epiphany recently and realized that true enlightenment was to be found in writing about music rather than forcing others to do so at gun point, and so kicked up her heels and moved over to the dark side.  She now finds great joy in calling myself a bone fide music writer, be it one who can be found in the dole office, or eating Turkish breakfasts in Dalston most days.

She enjoy any music that encourages large moustaches and air drumming, and has been known to spend whole evenings discussing the finer points of Fleetwood Mac’s back catalogue with bored strangers.  She has a strong, almost pathological, dislike of anything signed to SYCO records and has a shameful soft spot for The Eagles.  She also has two middle names and three kidneys.  Pretty impressive stuff, I’m sure you’ll agree.