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An Evening with Mothers Meeting and Bliss Spa

My first spot of pampering since Snarfle was born, with some relaxing treatments courtesy of Bliss Spa in west London.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Bliss Spa Mothers Meeting 2012-
This week I went on my first Mothers Meeting outing that didn’t involve squat thrusts and copious lunges (I’ve been taking part in the regular Mothers Meeting workouts at the 1948 space in Shoreditch for about a month now and we listed the Mothers Meeting Flyknit Festival which took place last weekend).

Bliss Spa Mothers Meeting 2012-
Jenny Scott is a graphic designer who set up Mothers Meeting to bring together creative London ‘mammas‘ and I am apparently one of them which is nice (even if I do take the whole concept with a very large pinch of salt), especially if it involves a relaxing trip to a spa. Bliss Spa is in west London, a place I rarely visit, but setting foot inside I immediately realised that I know the brand – Bliss supplies W Hotels around the world and I fell in love with their delicious natural products just over a year ago when I stayed in a W Hotel whilst reporting on Montreal Festimania. In fact it was in that very same W Hotel that I realised I must be pregnant (crippling cramps in the middle of the night). How ironic then that my first proper press trip as a mum should involve a brand which brings back such good memories.

Bliss Spa Mothers Meeting 2012-
Bliss Spa Mothers Meeting 2012-
Together with a gaggle of other creative mummies (very much more yummy and better groomed than myself) we were invited to try out a variety of treatments – I opted for a ‘mini mani’ that has left my paws looking extremely pretty (until gardening gets the better of them again) a facial (which involved fruit enzymes and an oxygen blast) and a glorious shoulder and scalp massage.

Bliss Spa Mothers Meeting 2012
Bliss Spa Mothers Meeting 2012-
In between treatments we sat in robes on benches in a blue padded room and nibbled on tidbits provided by Gaucho Argentinian restaurant, which is based over the road. And afterwards we retreated to the very sparkly Bar Galante for more drinks. Well, I had one and realised my boobs were about to explode: thems the perils of breastfeeding, you can only go so long before the gremlin has to feed or you have to pump. I felt super relaxed on the tube back to East London, so thankyou Mothers Meetings and Bliss Spa, I might just visit west London again some time!

Bliss Spa Mothers Meeting 2012-
Find out more about how you can get involved with Mothers Meeting here. My readers can get a 20% discount off any full size product on the Bliss website using the discount code MBLG20.

bliss spa_by_angela_lamb
Bliss Spa: Masquerade mask, Decadence and Mystery by Angela Lamb.


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