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Change of mind, change of heart

Written by John Tyson


I couldn’t pass up the chance to tell you all about a book I read lately, Oliver James’ Affluenza. So often I hear people who say that they’re against global warming, but ask them to recycle a plastic bag and they’re all excuses. To change the way we act we’ve got to change the way we think first.

Now, James’ book’s not directly on target re carbon footprints and recycling, but it is about breaking little infective consumer lives, and it will undoubtedly get you all contemplative. I confess that I spent half the book thinking “what a cock”, and even when he did win me back over it only took one sentence to undo all his good work convincing me otherwise. Lacking objectivity, believing having kids is the only real way to solve depression, and having no real ideas about us gays, Oli’s not exactly someone I can picture having a pint with, but he’s written a book stacked with tales from around the world of everyday folks (even a few millionaires) and he occasionally makes a lot of sense.

I’m honestly belittling a book I really got a lot from. If your heart’s in the right place, but you’re still struggling with your head, read this and open your mind up. Just try getting it from the library first, and keep your foot carbon-clean. Oh, or I’ve got a finished copy you could borrow…

Once you’re done with this, try Mark Mann’s It’s Easy Being Green: Simple Ways To Save The Planet.


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