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Climate Rush gets chained to Parliament

and doesn't get arrested, 28 january 2009

Written by Amelia


As I write this blog our MPs are debating the subject of the third runway in the Commons. Although any decision made will not be binding it is possible that there will be a labour revolt over the current decision to go ahead when a vote is held at 7pm this evening. A not insignificant amount of MPs are seriously annoyed with our government’s collusion with BAA, with two MPs deciding to resign over the issue this morning.




Climate Rush were outside the gates of Parliament to show what they think of our farcical democracy at 10.30am this morning, cunningly bearing chains under large coats. It was an easy stroll over to the railings and a leisurely padlocking ensued before any police even took any notice. Eight women and two men dressed in assorted Edwardian-style gear unfurled their lovingly stencilled aprons bearing the immortal DEEDS NOT WORDS, and proceeded to smile for the attendant press.




After about an hour the police decided to move everyone else off the area with a bit of force, before then making a u-turn and letting everyone back in. They threatened arrest several times, for protesting in a SOCPA area (you have to apply to protest anywhere near Parliament) without a permit, and then for refusals to unchain. This was much to the amusement of the pro-cannabis lobby over the way in the square, who heckled us through their megaphone. I think they may take tips from us in the future. Tourists stopped to have their photos taken. Suffragettes drank tea from a flask and ate turkish delight.




Eventually, the boltcutters arrived, and the police chopped through the chains. But still no arrests, in fact they appeared desperate to avoid any arrests, clearly dreading the extra publicity over our demonstration of true democracy in action – orders seemed to change rapidly from whomever was passing them down from on high. After all the Suffragettes had been freed a group huddle ensued to decide on whether to further attempt arrest, but it was decided that this might prove nearly impossible given that it had already proved so difficult, and instead we went off for a cup of tea and a plate of chips in the Methodist Church Hall cafe.




I’d like to think that something sensible might occur in government today, like our elected politicians realising that building a third runway is not compatible with cutting 80% of our CO2 emissions, as already agreed. Alas I fear not….
Join the fun with Climate Rush if you’d like to voice your opinion on this matter on a future date.



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7 Responses to “Climate Rush gets chained to Parliament”

  1. Rosie Pearson says:

    You brilliant women! I think my daughter was there – on the fringes as she had to get to college.
    Meanwhile, I have just come from a meeting of the Witney Green Group (a branch of the Oxfordshire Green party) and we are organising a Green Fair on April 18th, and were thinking about stunts to get people’s attention, and just wondered if you felt like staging something in David Cameron’s constituency…..
    Even as I write, I can feel that the answer is that we can do it ourselves, as a local group. The suffragette theme is so strong, so compelling, but it is quite London, as well…. maybe we should think of something more local.
    Anyway, well done for today!

  2. laura parkhouse says:

    way hey!!!!! classy intelligent ladies in chains- about fxxking time!!!! i want a revolution. a revolution is needed- not for me, or you- but for my son, and for your children, and for every other child that takes breath on this earth. you women are a wonderful inspiration, and i promise that next time the need occurs i will stand with you, united, chained or not; side by side. well done ladies!!!! XXXX

  3. veganpanda says:

    Fabulous work and makes a change that there was no police brutality (specially with the Met!)… Let’s hope the Met continue in the same vein & our right to protest is returned, after all the police are supposed to be working for us & not for the government!

  4. joie DeWinter says:

    An inspiration to all! A revolution is happening. I am excited to be part of this time, and believe i can make a change! It is time to change our thoughts, our actions. Time for everyone to take care of their planet!

  5. Jules says:

    Hi Mum – keep going with all your fellow activists and friends. Its is such a good cause and I know you will all come through in the end! xx your loving daughter

  6. Susan Cadwell says:

    My mum is on every rally and I am so proud of her for doing everything she can to try to stop this ridiculous expansion scheme.

    When will the country’s elected officials learn to listen to the people?

    The war in Iraq was proved to be a devastating mistake and this expansion will be another.

  7. Dominic Bland says:

    I was at work that morning proudly telling my colleagues about my mum who was off demonstrating against Heathrow.

    Embellishing a bit, I Joked that she’ll probably have chained herself to something and I’d have to go and bail her out of jail.

    Little did I know…

    Love you Mum, keep up the fight for all of us.

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