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Heart Shaped Shades and a giant LOVE shaped Laser

Activists with Attitude

Written by Lucy Jones

b4b.jpg b4b2.jpg
Drawings by BELINDA FRIKH (channeled from ‘Scribblerina-the biro dancin ballerina’)

At 7.15 am on Valentines Day, when the moon was in the 7th house and Jupiter aligned with Mars, Climety Change, Motheer Treeza, Sustainabelle and the climate crew known as B4B sky rocketed from outer space to cyber space with an urgent message.This planet-saving posse of super heroines want to recruit YOU to spread the word that our powerlessness to zap out pollution is purely an alliterative error.

‘ Earthlings working 4 Big Mother put planet & people B4 profit & pollution & those working 4 Big Brother put profit & pollution B4 planet & people.’

Whether you’re a babe, badger or bloke as long as you’re 4 the Biosphere and believe in the power of *love * then join B4B today to find out about secret missions. Wham! Zip! Quick get moving so we can strike Fossillus the Fuel and The Carbon Foot Prince of Darkness before they turn this globe to gloop.

Mystified? So was I…here’s a little info that might make things clearer.
B4B has been brought to us by 999 It’s Time ambassador, Misty Oldland. In preparation for the Climate Conference in Coppenhagen, it is a ‘giant melting pot’ of action groups and individuals who care about the planet and want to act to make our politicians wise up. ‘The mother of all mailing lists’ it will provide information on actions and events that you can get involved in as well as important bits of information from our biosphere super babes. Tune in dudes.

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