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Nature Interrupted

Chelsea Art Museum, New York, 5th July - 6th September 2008

Written by Katie Webster

Down in Chicago a collective of environmentally aware artists have collaborated with curator Elga Wimmer to make a body of work responding to climate change. Entitled Nature Interrupted, erectile ambulance the exhibition details a wide range of approaches and concerns. We love the work of French artist Soazic Guezennec who has focused on pollution, prescription healing by tackling the idea of metaphors for acid rain which destroys Africa’s natural environment. The installation works with a disintegrated umbrella which allows water to pass through, unhealthy purchase collecting in a pool at the ground.





Drawing inspiration from Giovanni Batttista Piranesi’s (1720- 1778) renditions of the collapse of Rome in depicting architecture being taken over by nature, Helen Brough works with a series of diagrams which lead to glass work. The enamel painted fired glass work with glass layers of flowing ink lines contained in acrylic boxes to simulate a peering window of the progression of time. Mixing ideas of the haunting potential realism of disaster films and unconscious dreams, iconic architecture is used which, with the progression of global warming, may eventually become ruins. Brough describes her outcomes as “imagined forecasts of moments.”



Other featured artists tackle issues with recyclable materials from Joan Backes with the incredible construction of cardboard and paper houses, to Jon Brumit with a 35 ft cob made from 436 recycled bags, 6000 staples and a fan. Brilliant news to anyone who’s near Chelsea Art Museum, if not have a surf of their site.


Cardboard and Paper house by Joan Backes


The Monsanto Diet by Jon Brumit

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2 Responses to “Nature Interrupted”

  1. Elga Wimmer says:

    Dear Katie,

    the article on “Nature Interrupted” is very insighful and the picture came out marvellous! Many thanks!When is the review coming out in the actual paper? I was just at Frieze and looking for it, but could not find it! PLese let me know! Many best regards,

    Elga Wimmer

  2. Elga Wimmer says:

    Dear Katie,

    as a PS to my last mail I would like to say that the only artist from Chicago in “Nature Interrupted” is actually Jon Brumit. Where did you get the great installation shots – I did not even have them (Guezennec and Brumit). Do let me know please when the review is coming out in paperback. Maybe if possible send me a copy or two (one for me, one for the Chelsea Art Museum). All best regards, Elga Wimmer

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