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Wind Factory Struggle

Failing to invest in Vestas

Written by Tom Russell

Workers for Climate Action call your attention to Newport, where the UK’s only wind turbine factory is due to be closed. This will leave over 600 workers on the Isle of Wight and in Portsmouth unemployed. Vestas, the company who operate the factory, plan to move the jobs overseas to America.

Vestas Corporate magazine covers.

I got in touch with the campaign, Vestas workers put together this statement of concern :

“As a wind turbine manufacturer I was confident as the recession took hold that green or renewable energy would be the area where many jobs could be created not lost. So I was, along with many others, horrified to find out that our jobs were moving to America. Over 600 jobs from the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth were going to be added to the already poor state of island unemployment. This has and will continue to send shockwaves of uncertainty through countless families—many of which are being forced to relocate away from the island.

“I find this hard to stomach as the government are getting away with claiming they are investing heavily in these types of industry. I think it’s about time they stopped bailing out greedy bankers and started doing what they claim to be doing. The people of Vestas matter and the people of the island matter but equally importantly the people of this planet matter. I for one will not be brushed under the carpet by a government who is claiming to help us. Please show your support for Vestas workers as we try to take our concerns all the way to Number 10.”

Vestas-built wind farm, Black Banks, Ireland

Actions of solidarity are truly crucial to the continuing struggle to keep the factory open – the state of island unemployment is already unsatisfactory, and the loss of this factory will have wide effect. So, support the workers. Let them support their families. Support the economy. Support the environment.

What’s the best way to help? In sixty seconds you can act from this very computer screen : send a simple message of solidarity to And spread the word further. If you’re involved in a trades union, council or organisation you can find more information to action and support on the Workers for Climate Action website, where the campaign can be coordinated.


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