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A live shoot with photographer Ellis Scott

Fashion photographer Ellis Scott hosted a live shoot at the Spot Communications pop-up showroom last week, and here are the results…!

Written by Matt Bramford

Ellis Scott, illustrated by Jess Stokes

So, if the last few days are anything to go by, it seems we won’t be getting the long hot summer we were promised, and we can kiss the few rays of sunshine we did get goodbye.

I do love the rain, and the winter, particularly winter fashion. It’s just such a shame that rain and wind is not conducive to looking good when getting your picture taken, which is exactly what I did the other night.

A selection of the images, © Ellis Scott

Ellis Scott is a fashion photographer who has quickly risen up the ranks. He’s already shot for the likes of Alexander McQueen, Gareth Pugh, Dazed and Confused and Vice Magazine. I went along to his live shoot at the SPOT’s pop-up showspace in Knightsbridge, with Amelia’s Magazine illustrator Naomi Law and the other half. We were soaked, and it was bloody awful getting there. Needless to say, we eventually did get there and the space was great – packed with installations by different fashion designers (some I’d heard of, some I hadn’t) and a pop-up studio set up towards the back of the room. An eclectic selection of popular music including Rihanna and Flo Rida boomed from a stereo and it was a struggle to prevent myself from grinding my way in.

Luckily there were mirrors and we had a beer whilst trying to dry out. In the meantime, we watched Ellis photograph some of his subjects – it seemed easy enough – sit down for 30 seconds, the light flashes, and you come away with a decent portrait of yourself. Naomi and the other half went first, with great results – Naomi smouldered as she always does, and Gavin turned out blue – a mistake, I imagine, but a good one.

Me, Naomi and Gavin

So it was my turn. I bloody hate having my picture taken, but I stepped up anyway. It was all over in seconds, and the result I was fairly pleased with (which is rare). I know what you’re thinking, and the answer is yes – i was going for the rabbit-in-the-headlights look populised in Vogue in the early 1990s. Honestly, I was. The shots were then photographed quickly to be hosted on Spot’s Twitter feed, and then displayed on the wall side by side.

The shoot was the focal point of the project, but the surrounding instllations were a treat. Alex Mullins, recent Saint Martins’ graduate (who we featured, photographed and illustrated here) had transformed the corner of the space into a sort of living room, using vinyl line drawings on the wall. His collection had been sent to Japan, so unfortunately wasn’t on show, but some intriguing prints adorned his display.

New jeweller on the block Milly Swire took up almost half of the room with her wonderful display of ornate and unique pieces. Displayed in curious cabinets and glass bell jars with moss and leaves, Swire’s jewellery makes use traditional methods and salvaged semi-precious stones, and it is the impurities in each stone that makes these pieces special.

Firm favourites Fanny & Jessy were also there, showing their street couture. Leather and jersey pieces with slashes are their staple, and rumour has it that Lady Gaga has snapped up this collection. They’re also planning a guerilla campaign during fashion week- I can’t reveal the details but it is going to be a hoot so there’ll be more from this pair soon!

Some of my favourite pieces in the showcase were Two Many Pjs luxe pyjamas. All-in-one play-suits, translucent evening-wear and underwear make for a unique idea, and are what I’m sure will be a welcome break from line after line of new womenswear designers.

All photographs by Matt Bramford, unless otherwise stated


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