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Ada Zanditon: An interview with the top ethical fashion designer.

A taster of my interview with Ada Zanditon that appears in Amelia's Compendium of Fashion Illustration.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Abby Wright Ada Zanditon S-S 2010 Jewellery
Ada Zanditon from S/S 2010, The Colony. Illustration by Abby Wright.

Ada Zanditon was inspired to use ethically and environmentally conscious solutions in fashion design after she heard a talk given by Katharine Hamnett. Katharine speaks from a very authentic and informed position that inspired me to question the purpose of design and how it can impact the planet. For both ecological and economic reasons Ada decided to focus on design processes that eliminate waste. In practical terms she creates zero waste patterns and saves any remnants to use in other garments or as stuffing or binding. It’s a matter of innovation and efficient resource management. She is also careful about where she sources her fabrics, finding it more of a help than a hindrance to have ecological constraints over what she can choose.

Her clothes are known for their sculptural qualities, a fact she attributes to her fascination with sculptures, architecture and geometry from an early age. She is particularly attracted to biomimicry in design and is inspired by the work of artist Anish Kapoor. But what I most like is the intimate connection between clothing and the human form. It is the presence of the human figure that brings a design to life

Read the rest of this interview and see more illustrations of Ada Zanditon‘s clothing in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration, alongside interviews with 44 other ethical fashion designers and 30 fabulous fashion illustrators. You can buy the book here.


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