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Alternative Fashion Week at Spitalfields: Hatastic!

On Monday 19th April 2010 Alternative Fashion Week featured Hatastic! by Chloe Haywood. Read on for pictures and thoughts on these recycled hats and fascinators.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Hatastic! by Chloe Haywood

This week I have been mostly attending Alternative Fashion Week in Spitalfields market, buy more about every day at lunchtime. Every day that is except Monday, see when I forgot to go. I was reminded of the event on my way into town when I came across a row of colourful girls perched on a wall nearby like a flock of cold parrots. All were sporting fantastical and over the top contraptions on their head. Aha! I just had time to stop, take some pics and hand out my card.

Hatastic! by Chloe Haywood
Hatastic! by Chloe Haywood
Hatastic! by Chloe Haywood

Later that night I was contacted by the designer of the hats, Chloe Haywood from sexy Surrey. Hatastic! was launched in 2009 and this was her first catwalk show. She sells on and is happy to take commissions for hats and fascinators created from recycled oddments that she finds in charity shops. These are not for the feint hearted and some creations worked a whole lot better than others: much as I applaud the upcycling of as much junk as possible, those based on children’s toys – including a windmill and a rainbow spring – looked gimmicky and cheap; but the red bow, dollar bill and dice versions looked quite fabulous and would make handy accessories for stylists or those unafraid of making a statement a la Isabella Blow (RIP).

Hatastic! by Chloe Haywood
Hatastic! by Chloe Haywood
Hatastic! by Chloe Haywood


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2 Responses to “Alternative Fashion Week at Spitalfields: Hatastic!”

  1. Fabric Nation says:

    We love Hatastic! She made these for us to wear at our first Seaside Sisters event last year (, and very kindly made this perfect prize for my animal vegetable competition –
    gillian x

  2. Joanna says:


    Are you the lady that came past on your bike and took photos?? I’m the girl in the top photo :)

    Would you be able to send the image to me? x

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