Amelia’s Magazine | Christmas Gift Ideas 2013: Jewellery

EA Burns, Ancient Rites, Span the depths earrings

Span the Depths earrings by EA Burns.

Regular readers will know of my love for jewellery, so naturally my new market place (to be launched in the New Year) will feature the work of some wonderful jewellery designers. Expect to find unusual and unique pieces created from a wide variety of materials and styles and to suit whatever budget you have. Think precious metals, fine jewels, hand made, ethical and much more: the one thing that all the pieces you discover on Amelia’s Magazine will share is impeccable design credentials. And so without further ado here’s a selection of gift ideas for Christmas from some of my new partners.

Annabelle Lucilla Jewellery Oriental Tasseled Hoop Ring in silver on model

Annabelle Lucilla is fast making a name for herself with her range of stunning etched jewellery, created from her studio in Cockpit Arts. Rings are a bestseller, so why not lay your hands on this unusual tasselled ring in either silver or gold plated brass at £70 from her Oriental collection – it’s sure to make your Christmas festivities swing. Read my recent interview with Annabelle Lucilla here.

EA Burns Ancient Rites Megalith Necklace

I love the new Ancient Rites collection from ethical jeweller EA Burns, and if you really fancy splashing out on a stand out statement piece you should look no further than this Megalith necklace for £560. If your budget doesn’t stretch quite that far there are many smaller pieces within the collection that are bound to be met with a merry smile on Christmas day. Read my interview with Lizzie Burns here.

Moko Sellars bone china reversed diamond ring

Bone china rings by Moko Sellars make a very unusual gift and are very reasonably priced too. This Reversed Diamond Bone China Ring is glazed in a glossy clear finish and was inspired by the rigid lattice structure of a diamond and costs just £35. Who needs real diamonds eh? Read our interview with Moko Sellars here.

Milena Kovanovic - Ursulas Hoard rings

Gemologist Milena Kovanovic works with unusual gems such as Uvite and Vanadinite. The La Belle Ring features a big orange oval Carnelian surrounded by seed petals set in rose gold plated silver in a hammered band. Best of all, if you spend over £500 on her website you get a free pair of earrings thrown in. Read more about Milena Kovanovic in my interview here.

Rosita Bonita - tassel_pendant and earrings

Rosita Bonita‘s new A/W 2013 collection Toledo takes inspiration from the traditional damascene jewellery of Spain & Japan. Delicate illustrations fuse the two styles together in these dainty gold embossed leather tassel earrings. At £32 they won’t break the bank either. Perfect. Here is our interview with Rosita Bonita.

Sarah Angold bracelet jewellery

Sarah Angold works in perspex to create extravagant architectural pieces for many other big name designers. She also has her own collection where you can discover pieces such as this Cetra Bracelet: at £485 it makes a considered purchase but one that is sure to make you stand out in the crowd. I will be interviewing Sarah soon.

If you love fashion why not also check out my gift ideas here? I’ve got more suggestions for gifts coming up shortly, so stay tuned.

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