Amelia’s Magazine | Elisa Palomino: The London Fashion Week S/S 2012 Preview Interview

Elisa Palomino design by Hannah Hope
Elisa Palomino S/S 2012 by Hannah Hope

I absolutely adore the fashions of the 1920s and ‘30s, viagra 100mg I love pretty colours and pretty prints and I covet luxurious fabrics that have that elegant and effortless kinetic energy. So I was bound to be enchanted by the designs of Spanish born and Central Saint Martins graduate, drug Elisa Palomino, link whose conspicuous amalgamation of influences from the Roaring Twenties and Japanese Yamato-e art have produced designs that demurely sing of fun, freedom and beauty

Clearly, Palomino’s vast experience in the tumultuous world of fashion have honed her talents to produce stunning and opulent attire. She has worked at Roberto Cavalli and Christian Dior Haute Couture and for eight years was the head of the studio for John Galliano and most recently Vice President of Design for Diane von Furstenberg. I had the pleasure of interviewing Elisa Palomino. Discover more about the designer below.

Elisa Palomino

Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to choose the path of a designer.
I originally wanted to be a soprano and trained for years, willing to perform baroque opera, but I have a dreadful voice and decided that the arts would suit me better! I have been surrounded by beautiful clothes, embroidered shawls, antiques and textiles all my life – my mum is a restorer and she has given me the passion for antiques and textiles.

Your past ventures and studies boast many a well-known and respected name in fashion. Who have you most enjoyed working with and how have they inspired you?
John Galliano, of course – he is my mentor, my teacher, my soul-mate, and he has given me the tools to freely express myself. He is extremely generous and makes people push their boundaries to unexpected limits.

Elisa Palomino 2 by Gilly Rochester LFW Sept 2011
From Elisa Palomino’s A/W11 collection – by Gilly Rochester

From where do your ideas originate? What shapes your designs?
I dig a lot in my collection of antique textiles and any objects collected on remote travels – then I love to twist them around and translate them into a thousand different techniques.

Is there a particular message or philosophy behind your designs?
Yes, I would love women to feel totally feminine and sensual in my clothes; we have been trying to be like men for such a long time that I think we deserve to acknowledge our full femininity and feel comfortable with it.

Elisa Palomino Collage Lotus SS12

Tell us about your design process.
I usually start working with prints, they inspire me enormously – then I create stories around them and I love to make them become three dimensional and they end up taking over shapes, embroideries, colours…

Elisa Palomino Naked Garden Elsa Evening gown SS12
The Naked Garden Elsa evening gown by Elisa Palomino from her S/S 2012 collection

Would you say you love vintage design and which vintage era is your favourite?
I love decadence and I have a passion for the past with a look into the future. I love baroque and renaissance for music, ‘20s and ‘30s for clothes, and any oriental treasure transports me to a past life instantly.

What do you love most about being a designer?
The amount of different things that you manage to do; colours, prints, embroideries, knitwear, leather – there is no end to the media you can use.

Elisa Palomino by Alejandra Espino
From Elisa Palomino’s A/W 2011 collection by Alejandra Espino

What is it about the colour pink that you love so much?
Pink is a colour full of love and positivity. My bathroom is fuchsia and when I get up in the morning I always feel I look great, just by the reflection of it on your skin!

Elisa Palomino 1 by Gilly Rochester LFW Sept 2011 SS12
Elisa Palomino A/W2011 by Gilly Rochester

Which is your favourite fashion city?
I love London and its endless possibilities; the raw energy coming from all the fashion students and new designers. But I also love the vintage flea markets in New York .

What do you do to relax?
Listening to baroque operas, swimming in the ocean and having a laugh with friends over a nice dinner.

Elisa Palomino A/W 2011
Elisa Palomino A/W 2011

What about London fashion week are you most looking forward to?
The fantastic energy of the fashion crowd and the reunion with lots of old friends and ex students of mine!

Where can we purchase your beautiful clothes?
Spiga 2, the concept store from Dolce & Gabbana in Milan, Eleonora – Rome, Lilliane Romi – Paris, Al-Ostoura – Kuwait, Front Row – Beirut, Harvey Nichols and Al-Mayass in Riyadh.

Elisa Palomino by Hannah Hope
Elisa Palomino A/W 2011 by Hannah Hope

What can we expect from Elisa Palomino in the years to come?
To keep creating on the same track, to be true to myself. I would love to make costumes for the opera, mix the two worlds together, and translate the music into colours.

Elisa Palomino will be presenting her Spring/Summer 2012 ‘Fairy Dance’ collection on the catwalk at London Fashion Week. The show takes place at 10:20am on the 20th of September 2011, at Fashion Scout. I am thrilled to be attending and can’t wait to report back!

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