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Goodone: eco fashion designer Nin Castle talks upcycling and collaborations

She's well known for her fabulous body-con knitted dresses, but designer Nin Castle has her sights set on changing mainstream fashion through collaborations with the likes of Topshop and ASOS. Here's an extract of her feature in ACOFI.

Written by Amelia Gregory

Goodone A/W 2009 by Natasha Thompson
Goodone A/W 2009 by Natasha Thompson.

Goodone is a tight-knit team who share a passion for sustainable design and fair business practice. At university, designer Nin Castle decided to recycle fabrics as a money saving venture rather than any great interest in sustainability, but after graduating she worked with the cult designer Noki, which compounded her interest in the environmental aspect. Once I realised how much textile waste is out there it was natural for me to use it. Since then she has been designing clothes that are either 100% upcycled or incorporate elements of upcycling in the design somewhere. She uses reclaimed industrial waste, including offcuts and faulty fabrics, alongside fabrics manufactured in British mills. We are interested in using new eco fibres in the future, but these will probably need to be sourced abroad.

Goodone has become known for its body-con knitted dresses but there is plenty more in the pipeline. Nin takes fashion trends into consideration when designing because that’s the nature of the beast. To make an impact on an industry with very well established ideas of pace and schedules it is important to work with what people expect, then there is more opportunity to influence them. ASOS bought her A/W 2009 collection, for which she made some special colourways, and she has also done a range for Topshop

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