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Guilt free designer shopping

Written by Rivkie Weichselbaum

We adore this talented Central Saint Martins graduate Anna Garforth. With a degree in Graphic Design, click medicine ethical ideas are high on the agenda of this green fingered creative.






Employing all things leafy and grassy, sildenafil more about a self-initiated project utilising recycled milk bottles as plant containers has been displayed around urban areas which need a bit of earthy decoration. Entitled Head Gardener, decease these invented characters were used by Garforth to spur on our future Little Gardener‘s sowing seeds of herbs and flowers.


A bit of a horticultural wizard, Anna has been growing moss for years. With the influence of guerilla gardening and landscape artist Andy Goldsworthy, Anna is currently working on a collection of work which explores street art and public space. By attaching moss to walls using biodegradable materials, Anna has selected verses of a poem by friend Eleanor Stevens. The first installation of the poem reads “in this spore borne air” and will be followed up in a different spot with “watch your skin peel.” There will be a total of four quotes dotted around central London so keep your eyes peeled.




Oh and, the recipe for green graffiti couldn’t be simpler… a bit of yoghurt, sugar, a few clumps of moss and your own ideology so lets all have a go!
I picked my breakfast on my way out of the house at 6am to catch my plane to India, medical for I have physalis fruit growing right next to my front door – clearly the result of some pips that had earlier got into my compost.

physalis fruit next to my front door

The train was slow, site as always, visit this site excited only by a lone moth escaping from my bag and dancing nervously through the air – how the hell do I have so many moths? It’s like a moth invasion round my house I tells ya. They get everywhere, even onto the Picadilly line.

The plane was nearly empty – good for lying down across three seats, not so good for my conscience – god what a waste of fuel. I arrived in India at about midnight and like clockwork driver Sanjay located me and whisked me out past a depressingly large new airport (ten times the size of the present one) that is being built to accommodate the expected increase in traffic for the Commonwealth Games in 2010. We were soon engaged in a passionate conversation about the state of our planet – it’s so nice to meet people who feel the same way as me anywhere in the world.

I am staying at Shanti Home, which is a small family run hotel on the outskirts of New Delhi – on arrival I was greeted by the traditional flower garland and then shown up to my lovely little room. The cupboard is in the bathroom and the view isn’t up to much but the people are super friendly and the breakfasts are on a rooftop terrace.

my room at Shanti Home

This morning I breakfasted alone. Just me, up there on that big ol’ roof terrace. Which meant muchos personal attention from the lovely Nepali waiters – there are a lot of Nepalis here. Then Ajay from Laxya models turned up mid morning to take me back to his office. He was initially a bit prickly; I guess he wasn’t sure who the hell I was but then who would blame him – here I come, demanding free models and not even looking the glamourous magazine editor part. What a swindle! But he soon forgave me as the big grin shows and delighted in giving me a whistlestop guided tour of Delhi (drop the New, that’s not the done thing here) which took in the parliament buildings and India archway – celebrating all the Indian soldiers who gave their lives for the British – and finished at the Baha’i house of worship – a wonderful looking all religions building.

Ajay. I think he likes me now.


arch for the soldiers

I wish I was a small boy who could strip off and dive into a pond, maybe

The dude who built the temple believed there should be total equality for men and women and that all religions should unite for world peace – what a guy. Ajay had sufficiently warmed to me that he even bought me a little souvenir keyring – I was very touched.

families make their way up to the Baha’i temple

I prefer this version, on a poster

Wow! what a dude! check out his t-shirt! It rocks!

We finally made it to the Laxya offices, where several men were lounging around on their laptops, (well, not literally, you know what I mean) discussing a shoot.

a very well respected set designer – the presents behind are props

model offices, new delhi style

I only realised much later that one of them was actually the boss, once he left. Woops. Again, Nepali boys (although apparently not, they just look young) attended to me – but soon gave up with my requests for a not too sweet chai and bought me instead an Earl Grey teabag – seems the easiest option for those picky english!

notice the cunningly overturned teabag. maybe I won’t realise it is not chai til it’s too late

We saw lots of cute girls, met a fashion designer who totally sorted me out with my plans, and ate some yummy food that was hand delivered into the basement, which hummed with the constant banging of non-stop construction. My eyes hurt even inside the building, and my throat is a mess already. A new metro needs to be finished in time for the Commonwealth Games and the dust is excruciating.

food, proper indian food – they offered me a Subway! get away with you!

construction is everywhere

a hazy construction sunset

After a great interview with one of the artists we have been in contact with I fell asleep in the car (courtesy of Ajay) on the way home. Tomorrow I have three fashion shoots, bring ‘em on…
The words ‘bargain, ed designer and ethical’ aren’t used nearly enough in the same sentence. Wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t have to save up for the latest ‘it’ bags? And if only our quest for them were guilt free! Banishing the mad dash past street fundraisers while mumbling shamefully, purchase ‘I’m late!’ before rushing excitedly into Dolce and Gabbana.

Well girls, the answer is here and let me tell you, your bank manager will be pleased!
The organisation ‘Whatever It Takes‘, runs charitable projects worldwide and has already raised around $1,500,000 (many, many designer bags worth of cash).
Taking on the world of celebrity endorsement and fashion, ‘Whatever It Takes’ asked over 600 celebrities to donate their own works of art to be incorporated into a range of products including tableware, cosmetics, clothing and most importantly ladies ‘bags’!

Stella McCartney

These totes and shoulder bags feature work by some of fashion’s biggest names; so whether you have a thing for Paul Smith, or are dying to get your hands on anything McQueen, then you’re in luck.

Paul Smith


With prices ranging from £10 – £15, even the most spend thrift shopper can join in, and while they may not have the leather and stud trappings of the super brand bags, these cute print canvas pieces make great everyday ‘shoppers’; spacious enough to carry all your bits and pieces, a celeb tote is a must have this season. As if a designer bag at £15 wasn’t enough encouragement, each bag sold will help raise funds for charities such as ‘The 21st Century Leaders Foundation‘, who work to tackle key global development causes including poverty alleviation, environmental conservation and the protection of children.

So ladies, this time you really say that this purchase will change the world!
Now, the Alexander McQueen or Paul Smith tote? At such a great price, maybe I’ll get both!

All of the bags will be available on the website by the end of the month.

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

Stella McCartney

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