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Hayley Crompton- fashion’s newest graduate

Amelia's magazine introduces an illustrator and print designer extraordinaire

Written by Rachael Oku

5Images throughout courtesy of Hayley Crompton

When did you graduate?
I graduated just this summer from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication. I studied Fashion with Textiles BA (hons) for three years.

What have you been up to since graduating?
Since graduating I have been developing my portfolio and online presence. I’m working freelance and am continuously creating new Womenswear and Menswear Designs. I’ve even begun branching out into Accessories. I am also about to launch a small scarf range which should be available from early next year, as should my new website.

If that wasn’t enough to be getting on with I’m also currently on an internship with Robert Fenton Enterprises at the Business Design Centre. I’m using my prints and graphics as a promotional tool for his businesses. I am presently helping with marketing his Talent Expo event by designing logos, and media packs. This opportunity has given me a real incite into new creative ways I can use my skills outside of the fashion industry.

2Your illustrations are very graphical and have a distinctive style, have you always drawn like this or is it a style you developed through practice and time at university?
My style has always been quite graphical and stylised, I have always used bold and dark structured lines in my work, but it was my time at university that helped to enhance this. I now incorporate my freehand style with image manipulation through Photoshop; giving my imagery a clean and professional edge.

What inspires you to be creative?
So many things inspire me to be creative, music has a strong influence and this often reflects in my prints. The people who are around me can inspire me to be creative; I like being surrounded by like minded people where fresh creative ideas are always flowing.

The media can inspire me, I love reflecting the problems in society in my prints to create imagery that appears beautiful on the surface and at first glance, but which ultimately has a more sinister underlying meaning within.
Often going to a gallery or exhibition can initiate new ideas; anything from an unusual object to intense works of art can inspire new print designs and approaches.

3If you had to choose between the two disciplines, do you prefer designing prints or illustrating?
I enjoy both and I brand myself as an Illustrative print designer, so I find it difficult to separate the two, but ultimately my passion is for print design for fashion because it is so rewarding to actually see your print on a garment that someone is going to wear.

Are you influenced by anyone? Do you study the work of your contemporaries?
My prints and illustrations are very much influenced by the work of Pop Artists such as Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. I admire the physical impact of their work. I am passionate about any designer that has a love for colour and print, so I am always studying the work of past and present designers. There are a lot of current artists that inspire me in the Saatchi Gallery like Kristin Baker and Francesca DiMattio, the sheer scale of their work and the use of colour, varying media and detail is amazing.

hc1Is there any one person, designer/brand that you admire/ would like to see wearing your prints/ or would feel that working with them is a goal?
I would love to see someone like Lady Gaga or Katy Perry wear one of my outfits; I feel my work would really suit their personalities. I admire fashion brands like Basso and Brooke, Paul Smith and Eley Kishimoto for the simple reason that they are not afraid to experiment with bold colour and print, it is one of my goals to work with one of these brands.

What are you looking forward to/ hoping to achieve in the next decade?
In the first five years I would like to really establish myself as a print designer and illustrator. I’d like to work for some top fashion brands as well as other companies that I admire and believe I could bring new ideas to. Towards the end of the decade I would like to create my own product line using my prints and illustrations as the main selling point and initially get my range into respected department stores just as print designer Orla Kiely has recently done. Ultimately I would like to run a successful business and own my own store selling my print designs on fashion, accessories, stationary etc, similar to that of Cath Kidston.



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