Amelia’s Magazine | Henrietta Ludgate: ethical fashion design inspired by a Scottish childhood

Henrietta Ludgate S/S 2011 by Abi Daker
Henrietta Ludgate S/S 2011 by Abi Daker

Scottish designer Henrietta Ludgate grew up in the wilds.
I grew up in the most idyllic environment for a child: my imagination ran wild in the woods, nurse I collected frogs from the bog, see and skated on the dark loch in winter. I aim to capture these vivid memories forever, website like this in each collection. I’m inspired by Scottish folklore, the setting sun, the Northern Lights and the witching hour – the time when supernatural creatures are thought to be at their most powerful and magic is at its most effective. The Brahan Seer is a local mythical figure from the 17th century who was and still is renowned for his many prophecies which have continued to come true many generations after his tragic end.  

Her trademark shape is a logo-less signature for those in the know.
I have developed a cylindrical trim that is an instantly recognisable trade mark for the cognoscenti, a discreet signature for those who are able to identify designer details, a subtle detail for the logo-phobic. I try to set the label apart with attention to detail, fine fabrics and exquisite workmanship that are the signal of slow fashion. Henrietta Ludgate clothing sets the wearer apart from the masses, symbolising a non-adherance to fast fashion, trendy logos and heavy branding…

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