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LFW 09 – Danielle Scutt – Big Fun

Topshop Space, Baker Street

Written by Jonno Ovans

Having bundled onto the tube being slowly crushed under the weight of my large and ancient laptop, water bottles and other accumulated fashion week paraphernalia all piled into a gargantuan bag, I made my way to the Topshop Space off Baker Street to see Danielle Scutt. With a glass thrust into my hand champagne was accidentally propelled down my gullet before I knew what was what, meaning my earnest pledge not to drink during the day had failed just one hundred per cent

The white and sharply minimalist underground catwalk was eventually populated by the fat cats of the industry all keenly anticipating the newest collection from one of fashion’s newest and most exciting stars – we were sat next to Susie Bubble of Style Bubble who was wearing some brilliant spangly leggings, just in case you were interested.

Sticking to last season’s bodycon silhouettes (remember those second skin jumpsuits?) Scutt proved that making a more grown-up looking collection didn’t necessarily mean sacrificing a sense of humour – not with the smorgasbord of bold and retro prints, pom-poms, ra-ra ruffles and bloomers all bobbing down the catwalk. Sending out various minidresses that sometimes appeared to have sourced inspiration in French maid aprons or ice skating costumes, Scutt displayed a capacity to transform marginal icons of feminine style into something both amusing and wearable.



Having cited 70s souvenir postcards as one of her influences, the show also benefited from strong styling, with the designer reversing back to her preference for smack-bang-statement hair (tiered hair pieces resembling piled up fruit bowls, mmm) after last season’s sleek, unfussy buns.


Yet it was the prints that proved the trashy heroine of the collection, with yellow polka dot a particular stand out with dresses that managed to strike the difficut balance between elegance and effervescent youthfulness, with the pom-poms and ethnic details on other looks providing even more eclecticness..



Indeed, a show whose references ranged from 40s housewives to music videos from the 80s, Scutt showed her clear strength was the ability to take an enormous amount of cultural references and pull them together with a single riotous attitude. With the king of trashy aesthetic Jeremy Scott just around the corner – we’re off to see him on Tuesday – this certainly put us in the right mood.


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