London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2010 Catwalk Review: Ziad Ghanem

On|Off, Monday 22nd February 201: Illustration by Valerie Pezeron Photography by Matt Bramford

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft


Ziad Ghanem’s clothes were a lesson in craft and tailoring. Rolls of fabric cascaded around the models, the corsets were stitched, embroidered and painstakingly crafted.

These are garments to embellish and enlarge character, most strikingly they appeared to be individually tailored to each model, drawing and exaggerating the strengths and personality of the individuals walking out into the throughly ecstatic crowd.


The performers sashayed down the catwalk adjusting their speed, walk and attitude in accordance to the music that pounded alongst side them, a prime example being the movement to The Puppini Sisters Jazz cover of Crazy in Love.

The collection moved effortlessly between menswear and womenswear, the arrival of each model increasingly theatrical. The white wall from which they emerged provided the background for their personalities to become projected.



A delight to watch as the crowd whooped and applauded those they recognised amongst the models and in appreciation at the feat of Ziad’s tailoring. Whose work produced a startling range of reactions encouraged by musical dramatic changes which greeted each outfit upon arrival.

A favourite piece was the black sequined number open along the back, the fabric rippling down to the floor.


Rather fantastically, Ziad is a designer after Amelia’s Magazine heart, numerous collections have contained recycled or ethically sourced pieces.

Ziad illo

Illustration Courtesy of Valerie Pezeron

The show ended with an education in how to undress.




Ziad Ghanem closed On|Off to standing ovation.



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