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London Fashion Week A/W 2011 Catwalk Review: Jasper Conran sketched by Jenny

A belated but unique sketch blog of the Jasper Conran catwalk show at BFC Showspace on Sunday 20th February 2011. Featuring many sixties inspired panels and unnecessary bucket hats.

Written by Jenny Robins

jasper conran by jenny robins
All illustrations by Jenny Robins.

The man behind me in the queue to get into the Jasper Conran show was talking about buying a house in London Fields. Well bully for him as I had a seated ticket and skipped right past him when we got inside the BFC tent.

Jasper Conran A/W 2011 by Jenny Robins
The queue for Jasper Conran A/W 2011 by Jenny Robins.

I hadn’t been in my seat long when by some pre-understood signal everyone moved forward into empty seats at the front. Had I been paying attention I might have been able to see the shoes when the show started, but as I was halfway up the side of the runway my sketching time for each outfit was super limited. I wasn’t sure I liked my drawings at the time, but when I came to edit them I realised I kind of love them so now you get to see them.

Jasper Conran A/W 2011 by Jenny RobinsJasper Conran A/W 2011 by Jenny Robinsjasper conran 2 - lfw aw11 - jenny robins
Jasper Conran A/W 2011 by Jenny Robins.

The designs were I suppose ace in all the expected ways – clean lines, sexy perfect little joined panels, lovely wide necklines and sixties inspired shift dresses all in rich dark tones combined with a lot of clean white. There were some fairly ridiculous oversized plant pot hats going on which I wasn’t sure about. The final outfit had a crowd-ooohing stand up feather collar atop a long straight silhouette – classic.

Jasper Conran A/W 2011 by Jenny Robins
Jasper Conran A/W 2011 by Jenny Robins.

Stars of the show for me were the fitted panelled jumpsuits with chunky round buckled belts – very Mrs. Peel. I thought they looked like felt but they may have been suede. Don’t quote me on it.

Jasper Conran A/W 2011 by Jenny Robins
Jasper Conran A/W 2011 by Jenny Robins.

You can see lots more work by Jenny Robins in Amelia’s Compendium of Fashion Illustration and you can read Nick Bain’s review of Jasper Conran here


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