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London Fashion Week A/W10 – Esprit de Corps Catwalk Review

The Esprit de Corps AW10 show, designed by Horace, was shown at Vauxhall Fashion Scout on 21st February

Written by Rachael Oku

On Sunday I attended the noon showing of the Esprit de Corps – designed by Horace – catwalk show. Designed by duo Adam Entwhisle and Emma Hales, the ready-to-wear line featured less than 15 outfits (all black) incorporating figure hugging dresses and fashion forward separates with each outfit being more progressive than the last.

horace - lfw2010 - jenny robinsIllustration courtesy of Jenny Robins.

During the show it was clarified, for us non French speakers (including those like myself who have sadly lost their linguistic skills over the years) that the brand name, Espirit de Corps, originates from a popular French idiom; ‘A body of creative people who are of strong spirit and conviction!’

Subtly referencing post-war utilitarian fashions from the 1940’s-50’s, the theme was primarily conservatism, juxtaposed with flashes of bright colour, used so sparsely that I wondered if colour had been banned for the season. To break up the black monotony, the more sculptural dresses had been built up using layers of foam and padding on the outside, rather than inside. Having been covered over with remnants of floral fabrics, my eyes had something pretty – and certainly a trend of the moment – to focus on.

Sculpted leather panels featured heavily throughout the collection mixed with tailored cashmere wool and crepe pleats. A very minimalistic and androgynous show brought to life by the hair and make-up which had to be as dramatic as it was to inject a bit of life into the sea of black.


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One Response to “London Fashion Week A/W10 – Esprit de Corps Catwalk Review”

  1. vauxpop says:

    I was lucky enough to dress this show, and found every part of it beautiful done, every piece was compleately wearable, and had beautifully subtle shapes and prints. Possibly one of my favourite collections this season, I would like it all. Whilst there i was eyeing up one of the models coats, where i asked her where it was from she told me “Horace”. Also speaking to a blogger at the Hermione de Paula show i can confirn the models where wearing wigs and very convincing ones at that

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