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London Fashion Week S/S 2011 Catwalk Review: Elliott J Frieze

The British Heritage designer shows his second collection at London Fashion Week. Last year he had Jacquetta Wheeler and Jasmin Le Bon. This year was muse Anna Popplewell. Oh and an overly enthusiastic punter dying for an after show hug.

Written by Jemma Crow

Illustrated by Gareth Hopkins

Blue lips. Lipstick. Even on the male models. Wrong or right?
Well Elliot J Frieze certainly thought it was right when he sent his models sashaying down the catwalk wearing “cool blue” on their smackers. And all only in his second season at London Fashion Week S/S 11. Brave move.

But actually Frieze always packs his shows with a little something extra; last season Jacquette Wheeler and Amber Le Bon were models du jour and this season see’s an appearance from Chronicles of Narnia actress (and muse) Anna Popplewell.

Of the actual collection though I wasn’t convinced. A mixture of Menswear and Womenswear the pieces were part utility and part work wear. No joke, models wore dishevelled ties over striped shirts and clashed them with gingham dirndl skirts all in a palette of “powder shades of lemon and blueberry sherbet, hard boiled peppermints coupled with vibrant shades of fruit nougat for trimmings.” All a bit too saccharine for my liking. Top that off with a male model in a cropped powder blue jacket and something was not quite right.

Although Frieze did pull it back with his classic tailored trench coats and dresses; something of a speciality due to his known skill of “driving the boundaries of classic tailoring.”

I don’t think it was the aim though to send a model down the catwalk with her dress undone. Poor girl had to keep it together with her hand behind her back all the way down. All in a days work for a fashion designer!

A fashion mistake….not a new trend

Despite the sickly colour palette Frieze pulled together a collection that was rounded and made sense whilst sticking to his “British Heritage.” Taking his final walk down the catwalk Frieze surprised us all by joining the models in their love of blue lips. Cheeky scamp. But even more surprisingly (for Frieze and us) one spectator felt compelled to jump out of their seat and accost him for a photo before he walked off stage. Even though slightly stunned (and who wouldn’t be…!) Frieze ever the professional made the most of the impromptu photo op and posed with his muse. Lets not write off this one yet.

Illustration by Jaymie O’Callaghan


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4 Responses to “London Fashion Week S/S 2011 Catwalk Review: Elliott J Frieze”

  1. Jaymie says:

    The blue lips totally remind me of the friends episode when joey advertises the lipstick for men in japan, classic.

  2. grthink says:

    Haha, Jaymie — I knew I’d seen it somewhere before!

  3. grthink says:

    Haha, Jaymie — I knew I’d seen it somewhere before!
    (apologies if this message duplicates)

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