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Love this Christopher Shannon print:

I love this guy’s boots. Bang on trend.

These AREN’T men – they are Amelia Gregory and Amelia’s Magazine illustrator Naomi Law!

Illustration by Michelle Urvall Nyrén

I have to say that I was more than a little disappointed when cult couturier Ziad Ghanem revealed, look when I interviewed him last month, that he would be showing a film for ‘Mother Russia’, his S/S 2011 collection, rather than producing a show. How would I cope without Ziad on the catwalk line-up? It was the highlight of my A/W 2010 fashion week by far.

Well, true to form, Ziad still managed to dazzle at swanky Shoreditch haunt Avalon on Monday night. I thought I might miss this one because I had hotted it from central London after the FAD Awards, and it turns out I did miss the live presentation of the collection. Gutted.

Photographs kindly courtesy of Masayo Matsuda

The venue, though, was packed full of the intriguing breed of person that Ziad’s visionary work attracts – people with antlers on their heads, for example. It’s a delight to simply stand and admire these people, who always seem to look amazing no matter what they are wearing. I had a job on trying to distinguish who was in the presentation and who was a guest!

The presentation featured a selection of the outfits from Ziad’s S/S 2011 collection, modelled by some familiar faces who have wurked his dramatic ensembles before. They were, inevitably, incredible.

Illustrations by Michelle Urvall Nyrén

As per usual, the sense of drama in Ziad’s collection was palpable. Models with painted white faces leaped around one of Avalon’s many rooms, wearing theatrical numbers that enveloped them. Enormous a-line dresses that models held up by their sides to create the illusion of wings featured and fabrics were adorned with exotic patterns in all sorts of vibrant colours (some of which I recognised from Ziad’s A/W 2010 collection and are quickly becoming a signature). One-shoulder capes featured on the guys who cavorted and writhed with busty ladies in strapless numbers.

Photographs kindly courtesy of Masayo Matsuda

Alongside this ferocious performance, in another room, the film was screened. The room featured grand antique armchairs and had zero lighting, creating yet more drama that the film would inevitably bring.

Directed by Marnie Hollande, fashion filmmaker who we interview recently, this encapsulated what Ziad Ghanem’s eponymous label has come to represent. Dramatic, Russian-inspired music played like a haunting melody as the models, again firm Ziad favourites, pranced around what looked like an old theatre. It had masses of drama and style, as always, as models leaped across the screen and cavorted with each other.


‘Mother Russia’ by Ziad Ghanem on Vimeo.

Stills from the film:

The good news is that Ziad revealed on his Facebook page that, due to the generosity of a private buyer who has snapped up the entire collection, the Grand Master and his works of art will return to the catwalk next season. A/W 2011 can’t come some enough.

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