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London Fashion Week S/S 2011 Presentation Review: Lu Flux

A review of Lu Flux's quirky presentation at No.1 Greek Street with illustrations by Maria del Carmen Smith and Alia Gargum

Written by Sally Mumby-Croft

Illustrations by Maria del Carmen Smith

Lu Flux graduated from Edinburgh in 2006 and after a brief stint working for Bernhard Willhelm, check the designer returned to London, slowly developing a hand crafted and sourced collection which was picked up by Fashion Scout in 2008.

Lu Flux aims to create garments their owner will cherish forever, through the inclusion of handpicked reclaimed material. It is wonderful to be greeted by a designer more interested in creating garments that will last for seasons, plural rather than singular.

Illustrations by Alia Gargum

Lu Flux S/S 2011 collection was presented in the chapel of No. 1 Greek Street, also known as the House of Saint Barnabas, a space supporting those affected by homelessness for over 160 years. It is an absolutely beautiful building complete with outside courtyard. The non-for-profit private members club Quintessentially Soho uses the revenue generated by members to finance the House of Saint Barnabas’s support centre.

For Lu Flux’s second season at London Fashion Week, the outfits took their colour spectrum inspiration from Gustav Klimt’s paintings. Whilst waiting for heir turn to be painted live by the illustrator behind the drawings on the shorts suit, the models mingled with the crowd, happily posing for photographs.

As benefitting such a wonderfully twee atmosphere the presentation was accompanied by tiny butter iced cupcakes, which were washed down with a cup of herbal tea.

Illustrations by Maria del Carmen Smith

I loved the dress the designer was wearing. The fabric used to create the designs are sourced via Lu Flux’s relationship with a recycling company who provide her with vast quantities of discarded materials. These are clothes that bring a smile to your face and a warmth in your step.

Finally, how could you not smile at these wonderful shoes made in collaboration with Green Shoes? A company who specialise in vegetable leather and are coloured with vegetable dyes. The embellishments on the shoes are created from the off cuts created during the shoe making process.

For more information about this intriguing design ethos, spare a few minutes and read Katie Bololai’s interview with Lu Flux. .

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