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London Fashion Week S/S 2011: What is everybody wearing?!

Some photographs I've snapped of some weird and wonderful wanderers who encircle the BFC tent in the hope of being snapped. Well, here you go guys and girls! Oh and wonderful illustrations by Maria del Carmen Smith…

Written by Matt Bramford

Weird glasses rabbit girl, illustrated by Maria del Carmen Smith

The international fashion press often remark that fashion journalists come to London to see what the people on the street are wearing rather than what the models on the catwalks are wearing – and so with tremedous pleasure I present to you a (small) selection of peeps who I’ve spotted out and about so far. Some weird, some wonderful. Some go for understated chic. I like. Some appear to have got dressed in the dark and warrant the NHS installing mirrors in all bedrooms. I like even more. I’ve also thrown a few celebs in for good measure.

Here you go! (Plays trumpet)

Love it:

Elle’s Alistair Guy:

LOVE this guy’s look. Oh, hang on a minute…

The rough one from the Sugababes (who actually looked gorge):

I like this guy’s scarf, a lot:

My pal, Hilary Alexander:

LOVE Brix: (but my love is conditional and if that fur is real, good riddance) It’s not fur! Thank you, Brix!

Weird pirate boy, last seen at the opening of 123 Bethnal Green Road, illustrated by Maria del Carmen Smith

This gal makes her own hats. Evidently:

Brix today:

These are both men.

Love this trousers:

A vision in blue:

Super chic girl, illustrated by Maria del Carmen Smith

LOVE this:

Oh pal. It looked so much better as a scarf. You wally.

SO chic:

What better way to finish than with a pic of Suzy Menkes, OBE? I LOVE her and her trademark pompadour do. I would do anything to give her a little squeeze.


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4 Responses to “London Fashion Week S/S 2011: What is everybody wearing?!”

  1. Georgia says:

    haha :) amazing photos – some extremely beautiful! if only we captured the fatty fox-sleeve guy – what a pig.

  2. sarah says:

    Wow! The IDOL magazine team in the 4th pic! I LOVE LOVE LOVE them


  3. Jo Gifford says:

    Love these!
    LFW is fantastic simply for people watching, never mind the shows :)
    Gorgeous illustrations too, of course! x

  4. catherine says:

    Love your shots and the humour that goes with them, I am infact the girl in the grey (faux) fur cape- 8th pic down! There were some amazing (and slightly odd) looks this season, roll on Feb! x

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