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London Fashion Week: Swarovski Rocks Giles party

The Old Sorting Office, New Oxford Street, 16 September 2008

Written by Melinda Neunie

Tuesday seemed to be the main party night during London Fashion week! I kinnda understand why… at the beginning of the week, your body isn’t quite use to the rhythm of thealcohol fused late nights and hectic rushing about by day -and by the end of the week you’re so knackered you can just about lift yourself up from the bench at the end of a show. Consequently we had so many invites for Tuesday night, we pretty much didn’t know where to start.

Out of all of the exciting invites that we received a party named Swarovski Rock Giles seemed to be the most appealing. In order to celebrate the launch of their bi-annual magazine, Rocks, as well as their ten-season relationship with designer Giles Deacon, Swarovski were throwing a lavish do at the Old Sorting Office in New Oxford Street. The invite promised cocktails, Nadja Swarovski and Giles himself. Just the thought of the possible goodies we could possibly receive (Quite stupidly we were hoping for a watch) was enough to get myself and Tanya walking through Oxford Street after a great evening with the rest of Team Amelia at the Laura Lees do.

We got inside without much trouble, which was unusual for something so exclusive. We’re much more used to sour faced pr’s shouting ‘your not on the list’ than an actual dignified entrance. Inside I was pleased to see it wasn’t full of a load of dulled up wannabes as id expected, but young fun-going party people, dressed unusually casual and just out to have a good night. Off course there were a few familiar faces that we spotted such as a slightly tired looking Giles, the lovely Fred Butler, that guy off of skins…you know… the main character that was in About A Boy, and Agyness Deyn, who seemed to believe her celebrity status deemed her above the law as she walked around casually puffing on a cigarette.


The mojito cocktails were probably one of the highlights of the night. That and seeing Nicole, Mo and a cocky looking Rex from Big Brother, having to wait their turn at the bar like the rest of us mere mortals.

We didn’t get any goodies in the end, but we weren’t complaining as we danced the night away – with the help of the mojitos of course!

Tanya looking gorgeous

Little ol me – sipping on a mojito

I just had to get a picture with Nicole- check out Rex with his shirt open in the background

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2 Responses to “London Fashion Week: Swarovski Rocks Giles party”

  1. Sarah says:

    Aha! I spy the Turban Woman in the back of one of your pictures! Not quite as exciting as Mr Diamond Head, but still good! x

  2. tanya says:

    oh my gosh! that photo of me- can you tell i could hardly stand straight?! i think i had one too many mojitos! ..and what s this about the bi-annual magazine ‘rocks’? great write up mel. x

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