Vinyl Factory Gallery, 03 - 05 August 2008

Written by Melinda Neunie

In total I think I was sent about 7 emails from the organisers of ‘Margin‘, a fashion trade show based in London. After receiving a press release, registration details, registration confirmation, update, invite to the launch party and a final reminder, it would have been ridiculous not to have gone along to see what the big fuss was all about. So go along I did, accompanied by our Advertising Manager, Michelle, and her infamous Canon camera.

The exhibition was based in the Vinyl Factory Gallery in Central London, a stony, white washed building that has the same gritty creative feel as the art galleries in East London. So far so good!


The show was a little smaller than I’d expected, but was ideal for Amelia’s Magazine as alongside established streetwear and designerwear brands it featured loads of new quirky designers. One of the first things to catch our attention was the coats and jackets from the Gonsalves & Hall stand. The designers have added a little flavour to their Autumn/Winter collection by teaming what would otherwise be quite sensible coats and jackets, with strikingly bold buttons, giving them a girly more contemporary feel.



Frazzo was another great find, and definitely one of my favourites. We particularly liked their fun floral patterned raincoats, which are sure way of adding some fun to a gloomy British winter day.


I feel Margin featured a little too many streetwear labels and customised t-shirts, which don’t really take my fancy, but there were plenty of diamonds in the ruff. Check out pics below – yet again courtesy of Michelle.


The Olga De Polga stand

One of the many fabulous dresses from Olga De Polga

Another of Olga De Polga’s wonders


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