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Marie-Louise Vogt: The New Era Knitter

Hamburg, Germany

Written by Camilla Sampson

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Maire-Louise Vogt a designer from Hamburg, sickness has created an up-to-date take on knitting for her Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Her focus on traditional creative methods, pills does not allow – even an inch of – the colloquial, prescription elaborate take on fashion to disappear, complicated and intense designs remain the focal point.

Vogt recently showed at Berlin Fashion Week, whilst also featuring on a number of blogs, including the notorious Style Bubble.

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Her collection incorporates ideas Amelia’s Magazine is renowned for promoting; the use of ethically sound, natural materials, attempting to avoid worldly damage whilst focusing on originality. By using organic-style processes and unconventional textiles, Marie-Louise products hold a handmade appearance and in the main avoid the environmentally destructive idea of mass production.

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The look is quite an unusual one, but Marie-Louise creates something that’s wearable, and quirky in comparison to high street creations.

The Spring/Summer 2010 collection is titled, ‘Hey Gorgeous,’ and encompasses a look that is both boho and modern. There are lots of bright and bold colours, suggesting a playful edge to the pieces. This fits well with the idea of the flower child, which is evident in Vogt’s floral based dresses and accessories.

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A focus on cut-out’s is apparent, while aspects of the lingerie look are present in the dresses see-through sections. Spaces between fabric petals appear in a variety of Vogt’s designs, presenting potential issues regarding wearability – not everyone is comfortable to bare all. However, team these intricate creations with leggings or a light under slip and your problem is solved whilst keeping a splash of sartorial independence.

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Vogt has created beautiful creations that play against the stereotypical look associated with knitting. She has brought a contemporary, stylish flair to her collection, through the use of complex shapes, fresh colours and strong unique designs. Her passion for nature is a clear inspiration in all aspects of her design process, from the techniques she creates her designs from – such as knitting, weaving and crochet – to the ornaments that adorn them and the earthly style shapes Vogt uses.

Belts, cardigans and other accessories bring outfits together and Vogt has designed her own jewellery line. These spectacular, and rather large creations, could be worn instead of her dresses, with a t-shirt and jeans if you want a Marie-Louise piece, but don’t quite suit her unstructured designs. The jewellery replicates her crochet effect and comes in a variety of colours from nude subtleties  to vivid and audacious.

Black, sheer dresses fit snugly, but keep with her typical style through the knitted spiral shapes that embellish the fronts of these designs.

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In comparison with previous collections she has definitely put her focus into a crochet, cut-out style. Although wearing it as the lookbook portrays may be difficult, it is easy enough to develop our own look based on just one of these elaborate pieces, and that is what fashion is all about – an individual approach. Something that Marie-Louise Vogt, with her knitted, handmade and organic style outfits, does so well.


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