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Monique Luttin Millinery – The Devil’s In The Detail

Craft Central, Clerkenwell, 29 July - 03 August 2008

Written by Melinda Neunie

When our Art Editor, Tanya, saw a picture of one of the hats that were to be displayed at an exhibition I was planning to attend, her initial reaction was, ‘quite nice, but normal people could never wear that – you could only pull that off if you were a model’.

I must admit I did initially agree with this. When you first glance at one of Monique Luttin Millinery’s extravagant hand-made hats you think, um… kinda pretty, but they’re only really fit for the catwalk, you could never casually throw one of them on.

My opinion changed when I went along to the launch of Monique’s new headwear collection at her exhibition ‘The Devil’s in the Detail’. It was one of those glitzy affairs. You know the type where every other person seems to be exceptionally stunning. To add to my insecurity, Monique had picked a selection of beauties to walk around and model her collection for the guests.


Up close, the designs weren’t as over-the-top as I’d expected, but were understated, trendy and actually quite practical. Monique’s range of unusual headwear, which is beautifully crafted from felt, ribbon, netting and beads, include a selection of cocktail hats and berets alongside smaller headbands and accessories. The pieces are extravagant and for that reason, wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking, but I feel Monique should be commended for managing to create something so striking and unique that manages to remain tasteful at the same time.




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